9:05 PM, December 6th, 2011


Daily Pic (Miami Basel edition): A love-seat, of sorts, titled “Lathe,”  by the 36-year-old Dutch designer Sebastian Brajkovic, as seen in the booth of Carpenters Workshop Gallery at the recent Design Miami fair. As faithful readers know, on my recent trip to Miami I went art-shopping with (a fictional) $10 million in my pocket. Had I expanded my brief  to include design, I would have snatched up this piece, even at its price of $108,000. (Imaginary cash is so easy to spend…) “Lathe” takes a classic decorated chair and spins it out through something like 270 degrees, taking the wood-turning that is so crucial to Western ornamentation and making it the principle behind an entire piece of furniture. It relates to Clement Greenberg’s old formalist idea that each art form should explore the procedures specific to it, but keeps those procedures rooted in a history of things.

The Daily Pic, along with more global art news, can also be found on the  Art Beast page at TheDailyBeast.com.

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