10:33 AM, December 30th, 2011

Frontpage: Friday, Dec. 30

  1. 250K Rally in Syria: An estimated 250,000 people protested across Syria on Friday against President Bashar al-Assad. Reports indicate that five people were killed when the government’s security forces shot at a crowd.  
  2. Romney: Obama’s Like Marie Antoinette: Obama’s characterization of the economy as “It could be worse” reminded the GOP candidate of Marie Antoinette’s famous line: “Let them eat cake.” 
  3. U.S. May Transfer Taliban Prisoner: In an effort to further a peace deal with the Afghan government, the Obama administration is considering transferring one Mohammed Fazi, a senior Taliban official, to Afghan custody. 
  4. North Korea Vows No Change: In the equivalent of telling the world community to talk to the hand, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un said there’d be no changes to domestic or foreign policy.
  5. Romney Neck and Neck with Paul: New polls provide more evidence that Iowa is a two-man race, and that the Gingrich surge is over.

Photo: Dhampus, Nepal: A woman from the indigenous Gurung community combs her hair on her balcony as she prepares to attend a traditional New Year ceremony. Mt. Machapuchre is seen in the background. (Narendra Shrestha, EPA / Landov)

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