10:16 AM, January 24th, 2012
  1. Romney Paid 13.9 Percent Tax in 2010: A release of a preview of his tax returns shows Romney had an income of $21.7 million in 2010, and $20.9 million in 2011. None of the money was from wages. 
  2. 'Hugo,' 'The Help' Rule Oscar NodsThe Help, The Descendants, and Hugo picked up the most nods, and favorite comedy Bridesmaids scored two major nominations.
  3. Gulf States Pull Syrian Observers: The Arab League observer mission in Syria is set to lose six more member countries on Sunday, as the Gulf Cooperation Council prepares to withdraw.
  4. Campaign Gets Nasty in Florida: After getting drubbed by Newt Gingrich in South Carolina, Mitt Romney is redoubling his attempt to bury him in negative advertising. Romney’s super PAC spent another in $5 million in airtime yesterday, bringing total investment in Florida to $13 million.  
  5. Ex-CIA Agent Charged With Leaks: The Justice Department has charged a former CIA officer John Kiriakou, 47, with leaking classified information about the capture and interrogation of alleged terrorists, including al Qaeda suspect Abu Zubaydah. Kiriakou gave an an interview with ABC about the brutal interrogation technique of waterboarding. 

Photo: Ron Paul in Nashua, NH on January 6th. (Charles Ommanney for Newsweek)

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