11:43 AM, February 24th, 2012

Now most of you don’t play basketball, so what does this have to do with you, assuming you’re not a Knicks fan enjoying your team win instead of lose? Well most of you are sexually active, and if you’re not, you probably would like to be. But if your sex life isn’t all that hot, then there is a lot to learn from the basketball court that’s applicable to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen floor!

Good morning! Dr. Ruth wrote about what basketball and Jeremy Lin can teach us about sex! Oh, the Linsanity! 

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    ^I thought it’s common knowledge that both parties have to contribute during sexual activities….I mean c’mon, it’s...
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    And let me just say, the author of the article is basically reiterating the point that both parties need to be active in...
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    “If both partners love each other and want to be part of the team, then sometimes, even if one doesn’t feel like having...
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    its the same thing
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    No. There is something seriously wrong with this article if you can actually stand to read it. There is a line that...
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    “Foreplay-shirking leads to the dissatisfaction of one partner, leading to less sex and potentially a breakup of the...
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    science motherfucking , Science!!
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    I really think everybody needs to read this article
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