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Here’s your wonky map of the day accompanied by a sort of political junky’s Rorschach test.

Modern Gerrymanders: 10 Most Contorted Congressional Districts

I think I can spot a dinosaur’s face about to eat Chicago. What do you see when you look at the maps?

Swing dancers in Pennsylvania.

Hawks just west of Baltimore. 

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    I will have been a part of two of these gerrymandered districts after I move to Philadelphia in May. And you wonder why...
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    Maryland’s 3rd district looks sort of like Mickey Mouse jumping and waving a matador’s cape. Pennsylvania’s 7th district...
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    About Atlantic Magazine:
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  13. thetommorowpeople answered: I see a corrupted system blatantly doing whatever it can to stay where it is: in power
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    Policy makers drawing arbitrary lines as it suits their needs. Or just simple incompetency.
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    Looks like BS to me!
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    Well, I supposed it’s good (in a terrible way) that they got the NC 1st and 12th in there, but I’d add the 10th, my new...
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    Alex this is what I was talking about that one time!
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