11:23 AM, April 11th, 2012

Frontpage: Wednesday, April 11th

  1. North Korea Begins Fueling RocketNorth Korea could launch its rocket tomorrow, despite international objections and warnings. The hermit state said it is injecting fuel into its long-range rocket “as we speak,” meaning there is one more stage before it is ready to launch. 
  2. Foster Friess Goes to Romney: With Rick Santorum out, Foster Friess, the retired investor who spent almost $1.7 million on Santorum’s campaign, is getting behind Mitt Romney. “I’ve got some plans as to how I might be able to be of help,” said Friess.
  3. Massive Quake Strikes off Indonesia: An 8.6-magnitude quake has struck off the coast of Indonesia’s Aceh province, in the northwest, prompting tsunami warnings throughout the Indian Ocean, including Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and others. Within a few hours, the tsunami warning for most of the Indian Ocean had been lifted.
  4. Lenders Get Back Into Subprime CreditFirst the banks won’t lend, now they’re back to lending to risky borrowers. As banks look to make up for fee income barred by new regulations, they’ve gone back to offering loans and credit cards to borrowers with bad credit. Credit-card companies gave out 1.1 million new cards to borrowers with bad credit in December, up 12.3 percent from the month before.
  5. U.N.: Syria Will Respect Ceasefire: It’s hard to imagine what assurances Bashar al-Assad could give at this point, but United Nations envoy Kofi Annan says he’s received “further clarifications” from the Syrian leader and that he plans to abide by the peace plan. So far, Assad has responded to the peace plan by increasing attacks on the opposition, reportedly killing at least 100 people yesterday

Photo: North Koreans attend the inauguration of a mosaic portrait of Kim Jong-il. (Bobby Yip, Reuters / Landov) 

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