4:03 PM, June 22nd, 2012


These images, taken by the young Swedish photographer Sannah Kvist, seem to bear that out—snapshots of Millennials surrounded by all of their worldly possessions, which generally occupy no more than the corner of a room. The “All I Own” series stems from Kvist’s personal struggle with consumerism: “I had lived for 23 years when I took the photo of me and everything I owned and thought it was a sad collection of junk I’ve managed to buy,” she tells Co.Design. Similarly, the friends and acquaintances she has photographed since then have been amazed by “how much shit they actually owned.” (If you’ve moved recently, you’re probably familiar with that feeling.) “I think most people actually got an eye-opener when they built the piles.”

Pictures Of Millennials With Everything They Own (And It Isn’t Much)

Understands Tumblr. Will move. 

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    Having moved six times in the past 10 years I definitely try to keep “stuff” to a minimum. I’ve also really come to...
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    This looks about right, at least when I was living in NY. Now that I live on my own (in a bigger apartment), my...
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    Love this.
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    I think we should all have a go at this exercise. Less is more is an idea that has been forgotten. Two years ago I had...
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    These images, taken by the young Swedish photographer Sannah Kvist, seem to bear that out—snapshots of Millennials...
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