4:00 PM, July 13th, 2012

A follow-up to a post from this morning on the wealth of presidents (if you’re viewing this in the dashboard, just hit play to see the infographic):

Based on John Avalon’s commentary today on the riches of American presidential candidates, we delve in a bit further to find out just how entrenched into 1% candidates over the past few decades have been. For this chart, we look at every presidential election for which we could find income data for both major party candidates—that’s 1972 through 2012, and 1952. The pie charts encompass the earnings for candidates for those years, pegged to 2012 dollars. The bar chart and supplementary text box are based on real dollars—that is, not inflation adjusted. Note that this is earnings data for the year before the November election, and does not reflect each candidate’s net worth.

National income estimates are based on research by Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez. For full methodology and data sources, see our gallery.

-Clark Merrefield

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