5:07 PM, July 17th, 2012


My name is Joseph, I am a 19-year old art/film student at UCSC—the most expensive school in the UC system. My parents have always told me since I was little that they would put me through four years of school. The tuition at UCSC is absurd, and I now doubt that they will be able to, with the ever-rising cost—if I’m lucky I’ll get out in four years. The school has been accepting more wealthy out-of-state and international students, while students from California are losing opportunities. I just completed my first year of school and I’m already being screwed on all fronts. UCSC has been offering less and less classes, and I feel like I’m getting nothing in return for my money, and for my hard work. Really, I am getting nothing in return because today a college degree is virtually worthless in the job market. However, I am optimistic, I feel like there are things that made past generations successful that are beyond simple luck and timing. Save your money, think ahead, and don’t be afraid to try anything for yourself.


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