2:55 PM, July 25th, 2012


Into the Woods: Group Show at ClampArt

Into the Woods travels through the terrain where humans and nature meet. The traces of these interactions, ranging from the tenderly coexistent to the bluntly dominant (and the awkward attempts at camouflage in-between), are captured as super-natural landscapes that speak of a complicated reverence for “the wild” today.

Above, a selection of works from the exhibition:

1. Adam Ekberg, A Disco Ball on the Mountain, 2005.
2. Chad States, Untitled (Cruising), 2009.
3. Gregory Halpern, Untitled, 2008.
4. Jesse Burke, Hidden, 2005.
5. Lisa DiLillo, Premonition, 2011.
6. David Nadel, Burn #2, 2008.
7. Robert Voit, from the series New Trees, Haberberg, Griffen, Austria, 2007 & Ventura Harbor, California, USA, 2007.
8. Lisa DiLillo, Before the Echo, 2012.
9. Corey Arnold, The Past, 2011.
10. Collin LaFleche, Robert and Lars, Berlin, Germany, 2009.

Into the Woods is on view now through August 17. For more information, visit clampart.com.


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