2:52 PM, November 5th, 2012


The American Red Cross said on Sunday it regrets not responding sooner to areas on the U.S. East Coast hardest hit by superstorm Sandy and is working aggressively to distribute food, water and other supplies to victims across New York and New Jersey.

The privately funded organization blamed flooding and other infrastructure problems for its slow response to the storm, which has killed more than 110 people and caused billions in property damage.

The delay in relief response from the Red Cross has been widely criticized by politicians. James Molinaro, president of Staten Island, a New York City borough roughly a 25-minute ferry ride from Lower Manhattan, went so far as to ask residents not to donate to the Red Cross.

“Do we wish we could have been there sooner? You bet,” said Roger Lowe, a spokesman for the American Red Cross.

READ ON: Red Cross regrets not responding to storm victims sooner

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    Considering the Red Cross’ amazing world-wide track record…this is total bullshit. Say, “Thank you” and shut your mouth.
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