10:45 PM, March 6th, 2011

The Society of Publication Designers has a first look of Dirk Barnett’s redesign of Newsweek, along with an interview:

Tell us about your plan with infographics in the magazine.

Infographics, another element killed off over the past few years at Newsweek, will definitely be coming back. While we plan to up the presence, we have no plans to blow them out in aBloomberg/Wired direction, our content just doesn’t require or sustain it (plus, Bloomberg Businessweek is killing it, who can compete with that?!). Rather, it will be a vital tool to telling elements of stories that photogrpahy or illustration just don’t nail. We have introduced a new page, DataBeast, that will give us the opportunity to do a weekly infogrpahic on various subjects.

Click through for more pages from the new Newsweek.

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    So is the infographic-bubble going to burst soon?
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    I’m getting kind of excited for the new Daily Beast-Newsweek. Also, they’re bringing back the photography :)
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    Oh my soul. This makes me so excited as a page designer. Brilliant.
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    A great look for a great magazine looking for a fresh spark. The biggest change? No more slab-serif logo. It’s kinda...
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