4:03 PM, June 17th, 2011

Anthony Weiner Resigns in shame, but Leaves Capitol Hill With:

  • congressional pension of up to $46,224 for each year of service
  • eventual eligibility to collect the balance of his Congressional Thrift Savings Plan, which is currently $216,011
  • his high-quality health-care package, paid at his own expense
  • access to a portion of his generous congressional pension when he turns 56, or the full amount if he waits until he’s 62
  • access to the House floor during regular business or joint sessions
  • free parking on the House side of the Capitol (on a space-available basis)
  • access for the rest of his life to the congressional gym where he took photos of himself that he sent to women online—for a small fee

(Source: thedailybeast.com)

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    god damnit, I really just want to know why people in the rest of the country can’t have benefits like these. If we don’t...
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