5:02 PM, July 11th, 2011


Today in Newsweek archives: Girls Rule!

Yesterday’s dramatic penalty shootout win over Brazil in the semifinals of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup marked the 12th anniversary of this iconic 1999 image, showing defender Brandi Chastain (now an ESPN commentator) just seconds after she secured the penalty for the World Cup win against China (the second win in U.S. history). At the time, international interest in women’s soccer was at an all-time high—and the celebrated match against China was the most-attended women’s sporting event in history. Chastain called it “the greatest moment of my life on the soccer field. The U.S. is set to face France on Wednesday.

All those in favor of another Women’s World Cup Newsweek cover say “aye.”

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    yeah. girls do rule
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    I’ll never forget...world cup moment. Especially having grown up playing football...
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    Guys, I remember watching...game. They replayed parts
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    tomorrow’s game. And so pleased people have finally stopped fretting about...removing her...
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    Mia Hamm. I had this cover pinned on my bulletin boarded for ages (until I replaced it with pictures of the White...
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    Interesting to note the other stories on this cover: “Hate on the Web” and “The Rise of Rock N Rap”. ha.
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    Sometimes I like to threaten doing...when I’m excited about stuff. It’s always
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