1. jaidamichelle answered: Everyone deserves a vacation… So is Obama..
  2. shwalterz answered: Hellz Noooo
  3. thismebaby answered: ilario mas ao mesmo tempo interessante
  4. kzmccaff answered: yes
  5. andrewxnguyen answered: Everybody does deserve vacation.
  6. materialdsign answered: He deserves half the amount W took, which would still be about 3 months.
  7. unverifiableclaims answered: Sure - but so do I. I know it’s my fault for not taking one, but there’s no way *I* could afford to go to Martha’s Vinyard…
  8. sahyder1 answered: uh….who doesn’t?
  9. metalfrog answered: Yes.
  10. angelisajosalisa answered: hell no.
  11. oswaldofguadalupe answered: WTF? Just because he’s another corporate puppet, doesn’t mean he’s a soulless machine. Yes he should enjoy a vacation…n.
  12. extasisfilosofico answered: No…work work work!
  13. absolutzo answered: um yes?
  14. cheatsheet posted this
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