10:08 AM, January 20th, 2012

Frontpage: Friday, Jan 20th

  1. Obama Sings Al GreenRick Santorum would not be pleased about this man-to-man singing.
  2. New Zealand Police Raid Megaupload Head: Kim Schmitz aka “Kim Dotcom”, head of the website Megaupload, had his fortified mansion raided Friday. A pink Cadillac and a sawed-off shotgun were  among the items seized.  
  3. Costa Condordia Rescue Halted Again: There are still 21 people missing from the sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia in Italy, but hopes of finding them alive are fading fast after rescue operations were suspended Friday for the third time due to weather. 
  4. France Threatens Afghan PulloutFrance on Friday threatened to pull all of its troops out of Afghanistan early after an Afghan soldier killed four French NATO personnel on the same day. 
  5. Gingrich Daughter Deny Open MarriageNewt Gingrich’s two daughters (from his first marriage) are defending their father from charges that he asked his second wife for an open marriage.

Video: Obama sings Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” to Al Green at a fundraising event. Bonus: Here’s the original.

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