11:32 AM, June 6th, 2013

The Front Page - June 6, 2013

1. Obama Defends Spying on Your Calls: Apparently, the Obama administration’s go-to response when it comes to scandals is simple: “We did this for you.”

2. Woman Rescued from Philly Rubble: A 61-year-old woman was pulled from the debris of a collapsed Philadelphia building, bringing the toll of survivors up to 14. 

3. West: Holder Scarier Than Al Qaeda: Who poses a bigger threat to U.S. security: Attorney General Eric Holder or Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current head of Al Qaeda? According to former congressman Allen West, the answer is easy. 

4. U.S. Condemns Syrian ArmyThe Syrian Army is wreaking havoc on a number of villages surrounding Qusair, a strategic border town it seized from rebels after two weeks of fighting that reportedly left no building undamaged. 

5. Girl, 10, Moved to Adult Transplant List: A 10-year-old girl dying of cystic fibrosis has been moved to an adult transplant list after a federal judge in Philadelphia granted the temporary request due to her severe condition.

Photo: Islamabad, Pakistan. Pakistanis are silhouetted against vehicle headlamps while walking on street darkened by power cuts, on the outskirts of Islamabad. By Muhammed Muheisen/AP. 

12:39 PM, June 8th, 2012

Frontpage: Friday, June 8

1. American to Be Al Qaeda No. 2?: Intelligence experts say that al Qaeda has five men with the potential to succeed current leader Ayman al-Zawahiri—and one is a U.S. citizen.

2. U.N.: Civil War ‘Imminent’ in Syria: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned Thursday that civil war in Syria is “imminent” as Syrian government troops blocked unarmed United Nations monitors from investigating a massacre in the small town of Qubeir—and even firing on them.

3. Obama Takes on Sluggish Economy: In a statement Friday morning President Obama blamed an intractable Congress for scuttling the “bipartisan” jobs plan he sent them last year, and said that he urges legislators to reconsider.

4. Cameron to Testify in Hacking Inquiry: British Prime Minister David Cameron will give evidence next Thursday at the Leveson Inquiry into the country’s media ethics.

5. Algae Blooms Under Polar Ice: Scientists in an international team said they have recorded the most intense algae bloom ever—and it was under the polar ice caps in the Arctic last summer.

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Video by PiggyGirl2010/YouTube

Here’s Hamlet the Pig coming down the stairs to have some breakfast. Happy Friday!

3:10 PM, May 29th, 2012

Frontpage: Tuesday, May 29th 

  1. Syrian Diplomats ExpelledKofi Annan began negotiations in Syria on Monday in an effort to save his peace plan, while Russia, one of Syria’s allies, said the government should take most of the blame for the violence in Houla. Meanwhile Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Britain, and Italy all announced Tuesday that they would expel all Syrian diplomats immediately, a move coordinated with the U.S.’s hardline action.
  2. 5.8 Quake Shakes Italy: A 5.8-magnitude earthquake hit northern Italy early Tuesday morning, killing at least 15 people and injuring another 200. The quake is the second to hit the region in nine days, after 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck on May 20 and left seven people dead and destroyed hundreds of buildings. 
  3. Facebook Stock Falls to New LowWhat’s worse than your stock tumbling after going public? Your stock tumbling some more. Facebook shares slid another 5 percent Tuesday, dropping the social network’s value about 21 percent since going public on May 18. Shares are now hovering around $30. 
  4. Suu Kyi Makes Thailand Trip: Despite tensions with Burmese President Thein Sein, Democratic leader and activist Aung Sung Suu Kyi is making major strides in her new parliamentary role. The long-time political prisoner arrived in Thailand on Tuesday night—her first trip away from Burma in 24 years—where she is scheduled to meet with migrant workers, Burmese war refugees, and leaders at the World Economic Forum on East Asia. 
  5. Al Qaeda’s No. 2 Afghan Killed: Al Qaeda’s second-highest leader in Afghanistan was killed by airstrikes carried out by NATO, the coalition confirmed on Tuesday. According to NATO, Sakhr al-Taifi was responsible for commanding foreign insurgents in Afghanistan and has also been credited with directing attacks against NATO and Afghan forces.

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Photo of the Day: May 28, 2012

Flood of Memories

A woman is reflected in the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Brendan Smialowski, AFP / Getty Images)


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2:49 PM, May 7th, 2012

Frontpage: Monday, May 7th

  1. Polls Open in Syrian ElectionsSyria held elections Monday as violence continued in the country, where more than 9,000 people have died since a popular uprising began more than a year ago. The vote for seats in the country’s 250-seat Parliament was a sham, members of the opposition against President Bashar al-Assad said. 
  2. Al Qaeda Video Shows U.S. Hostage: A video showing Warren Weinstein, a 70-year-old American citizen who was kidnapped in Pakistan last year, surfaced on Islamist websites Sunday. “My life is in your hands, Mr. President,” the al Qaeda captive said in the video, addressing President Obama. “If you accept the demands, I live. If you don’t accept the demands, I die.” 
  3. EU Stocks Shake Election HangoverGerman Chancellor Angela Markel instilled a small measure of confidence in European investors Monday, saying she would welcome newly elected French President Francois Hollande with “open arms.” 
  4. Duncan Supports Gay Marriage: One day after Vice President Joe Biden expressed his support for gay marriage, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said he too believes couples of the same sex should be allowed to wed. 
  5. 400 Arrested as Putin ReturnsHundreds of opposition protesters were detained in Russia Monday as Vladimir Putin was sworn in as president after serving four years as prime minister. Outside, however, 20,000 people rallied in a demonstration against the former KGB spy that turned violent when protesters and police fought with batons and flagpoles. 

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Photo: A runner makes his way along a trail in view of the “supermoon” at Papago Park in Phoenix, AZ. (Darryl Webb, Reuters / Landov)

10:18 AM, December 12th, 2011

Frontpage: Monday, Dec. 12

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11:35 AM, September 30th, 2011
This administration actually is what the Bush administration claimed to be: a relentless executor of the war in terror, armed with real intelligence and lethally accurate execution. Sure, Yemen’s al Qaeda is not the core al Qaeda of Pakistan/Afghanistan - it’s less global in scope and capacities. But to remove one important propaganda source of that movement has made all of us safer. … I know the next election will be about the economy. But what it should also be about is the revelation of the Republicans as fundmentally weak on national security. Caught up in their own ideology, they proved for eight years they’d rather posture and preen than do the intelligent, relentless, ethical intelligence work that is only now leading to victory.
The Un-Bush, Andrew Sullivan

(Source: andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com)

11:18 AM, March 14th, 2011

Al Qaeda Launches Women’s Mag

Al-Shamikha, translated as "The Majestic Woman," will be a mix of Cosmo and Glamour, and include helpful hints on suicide bombing and "how to marry a muhajideen." The cover features a niqab-clad woman clutching a sub-machine gun. 

(Source: independent.co.uk)

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