10:27 AM, February 29th, 2012

Frontpage: Wednesday, Feb. 29th 

  1. North Korea Suspends Nuclear PlansAfter years of strained relations, the United States announced Wednesday that North Korea has agreed to place a moratorium on its nuclear ambitions, suspending uranium-enrichment programs and ceasing tests of long-range and nuclear missiles. 
  2. Romney Sweeps Arizona & Michigan: Does Mitt have his mojo back? Romney took home two important states in last night’s primaries, winning his boyhood home of Michigan by about 3 points (a small margin, but “enough,” he said) and scooping up Arizona.
  3. Murdoch Son Quits News Corp. Post: James Murdoch is giving up his position as executive chairman at News International, the newspaper arm of father Rupert’s media empire.
  4. Ohio Shooting 911 Tapes ReleasedOfficials in Chardon, Ohio, the site of a school shooting Monday that left three students dead and two wounded, released 911 tapes Tuesday night that recorded the panicked appeals for help of the students and staff inside Chardon High School.
  5. Hillary: Assad Could Be War CriminalWhile delegates at a United Nations meeting on Tuesday were told that more than 7,500 people have died in Syria since the uprising began in the country 11 months ago, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton told a Senate subcommittee that President Bashar al-Assad fits the definition of a war criminal.

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Photo: An activist of the opposition holds flowers as she sits in the police bus after a rally in Moscow. (Kirill Kudrayvtsev, AFP / Getty Images)

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