11:22 AM, May 30th, 2012

Frontpage: Wednesday, May 30th 

  1. Andy Coulson Detained for Perjury: Andy Coulson, the former editor of News of the World and Prime Minister David Cameron’s former press secretary, was detained Wednesday in connection to a perjury inquiry. 
  2. Charles Taylor Gets 50 YearsThe International Criminal Court at The Hague on Wednesday sentenced former Liberian President Charles Taylor to 50 years in prison for aiding and abetting rebels in neighboring Sierra Leone in return for blood diamonds. In the ruling, presiding Judge Richard Lussaick said Taylor is “in a class of his own” when compared with others convicted by the United Nations–backed court. 
  3. Russia, China Oppose Syria Action: Russia and China both opposed a United Nations–sponsored intervention on Wednesday, one day after special envoy Kofi Annan returned from Damascus and said that Syria is at a “tipping point.” Russia’s deputy foreign minister said Wednesday that the country is “categorically against” foreign intervention in Syria and that any new steps by the Security Council—on which both Russia and China hold important veto power—would be “premature.”
  4. Britain Clears Assange ExtraditionA British high court ruled that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be extradited to Sweden, where he faces sexual-abuse allegations. The British government is expected to announce an extradition within 10 days, and on the appointed date, Assange will be handed over to Swedish authorities. 
  5. Trump Steals Romney’s Spotlight: Donald Trump sure knows how to crash a party. The real-estate mogul grabbed headlines Tuesday after arguing with Wolf Blitzer—and then appeared at a Las Vegas fundraiser Tuesday with Mitt Romney, who had just clinched the Republican nomination. Romney thanked Trump for use of his Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, and said he “appreciated” Trump’s help. 

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Photo of the Day: May 29, 2012

Hats off Sailors
Graduation ceremonies at the U.S. Naval Academy.


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