11:35 AM, June 21st, 2013

Front Page - June 21, 2013

1. Brazilian President Calls Emergency Meeting: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff called her top cabinet members for an emergency meeting Friday, as the protests that have raged across her country for at least a week have continued to grow in size and veracity.

2. Snowden Background Check ‘Flawed’: USIS, the government contractor that performed Snowden’s background check, is being probed because, according to Sen. Claire McCaskill, of its failure to conduct proper investigations.

3. Investors Overreacting About Market: One day after financial markets across the globe took an unexpected dip, investors are trying to figure out what, exactly, went wrong and whether the worst is over.

4. LeBron James Leads Miami Heat to Victory: James’s performance helped the Heat become the first NBA team to score a repeat championship win since the Los Angeles Lakers’ 2009–10 double victory, sparking comparisons to the likes of Michael Jordan.

5. N. Carolina Revokes Racial Justice Law: Since 2009 it has been illegal to sentence someone to death based on race in North Carolina. But, since that meant anyone could virtually appeal their death sentence arguing racial discrimination, the law was really getting in the way of North Carolina’s capital punishment, and the state’s Republican lawmakers were not having that.

Video: Happy Friday, tumblr! In celebration of this fantastic occasion, here is Hamlet the Pig making his way down some stairs. Uploaded via Youtube by PiggyGirl2010. 

5:20 PM, January 28th, 2013
Worse, as panicked patrons fled the spreading fire, some told of being blocked at the lone exit by security guards demanding that they settle their bills before leaving, a routine measure at Brazilian clubs that proprietors employ to impede freeloaders. One security guard reported that the fire extinguisher failed to work when he tried to douse the flames.
This nightclub fire in Brazil sounds like a terrible nightmare.
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