6:32 PM, November 5th, 2012

White House spokesman Jay Carney confirms that Mr. Obama put Mr. Springsteen on the phone with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie while the president and the Boss were flying to Columbus from Madison, Wis. on Air Force One.

Mr. Christie, a Republican, is well known as one of the biggest Bruce fans ever, but he’s not gotten love from Mr. Springsteen, a die-hard Democrat, in the past. Mr. Springsteen is notorious for not inviting Mr. Christie backstage that the more than 100 concerts that his No. 1 fan has attended.

But in these days of bipartisan bonhomie between Mr. Obama and Mr. Christie post-storm, who better to serve as yenta between the Boss and his fan? The president!

Campaign Diary - NYTimes.com (via caro)


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Congrats, Chris!

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