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In case you haven’t heard, CNN sorta screwed this up. The law was mostly upheld. (ht @BuzzfeedAndrew)

Oops. (It’s not there first time.) 

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Frontpage: Wednesday, April 25th

  1. RNC Officially Backs Romney: Reince Priebus has made it official with Mitt Romney. The Republican National Committee chair said Wednesday that the party will put all of its resources behind Romney as the presumptive Republican nominee for president. 
  2. U.K. Culture Secretary’s Aide Resigns: Adam Smith, special adviser to U.K. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, has resigned over advice he gave to News Corp. executives while the company tried to take over BSkyB. Hunt was charged with overseeing News Corp.’s bid in a “quasi-judicial role.” 
  3. Rupert Murdoch: Never Courted P.M.s: First the son, now the father. It’s Rupert Murdoch’s turn before the Leveson Inquiry on media ethics, where he’s being questioned about his use of political clout. Murdoch denied asking for or being offered favors by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when they had lunch in 1981, before he took over the Times newspapers, saying, “I have never asked a prime minister for anything.”
  4. CNN: Newt to Drop Out Next Week: Mitt Romney’s five-way win Tuesday made Newt Gingrich realize something: “It’s pretty clear Governor Romney is going to be the nominee. I think you have to at some point be honest with what’s happening in the real world, as opposed to what you’d like to have happen,” he said. But then he said he’s going to continue his campaign in North Carolina—“as a citizen.” What does this all mean?
  5. Madeleine McCann May Be Alive: British police said Wednesday that they want to reopen the Madeline McCann case, since new evidence indicates the missing girl may still be alive. McCann, whose ninth birthday is May 12, disappeared when she was 4 years old while her family vacationed in Portugal in May 2007.

Photo: A Sudanese soldier stood atop a destroyed tank left behind by Southern forces when they withdrew from Heglig. (Ashraf Shazly, AFP / Getty Images). See more photos from Sudan’s bombing of South Sudan

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CNN Money’s Poppy Harlow stops by the NewsBeast to interview our bosses about the three-year anniversary of The Daily Beast (and the renewal of Newsweek—10 months since our “wedding” was announced).

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