12:55 PM, May 21st, 2012

Frontpage: Monday, May 21st

  1. Obama’s Super PAC Slumps: Priorities USA Action, the largest pro-Obama super PAC, is trailing GOP political action committees as the two sides prepare for the first general election in which they are likely to play a major role. Priorities USA Action raised $1.6 million in April, $3 million less than what Restore Our Future, a PAC that supports presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, drew in over the same period.
  2. Protesters to Hit Chicago: Chicago police clashed with demonstrators Sunday, but protesters say they’ll be back on the streets Monday as leaders from the 28 NATO countries meet. At least 45 people were arrested Sunday, and four officers were taken to the hospital, including one who was stabbed in the leg, according to Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.
  3. Probe Targets DSK Rape AllegationsThoroughly disgraced French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn may have been involved in rape, said a French prosecutor who’s opening a preliminary investigation into the allegations. The prosecutor is responding to requests by judges in Lille, France, to look more closely into allegations of sexual crimes after probing a prostitution ring in the city.
  4. Bombing in Yemen Kills 90A suicide bomber reportedly disguised as a soldier struck in Yemen on Monday, killing at least 90 and perhaps as many as 100 people. A group with ties to al Qaeda has climb responsibility for the bombing that struck a group of soldiers gathered near the presidential palace in the capital.
  5. Facebook Shares DiveAfter a tepid reception last week, the blue-and-white juggernaut continued to make a disappointing showing on the market Monday, diving 12 percent in the first half hour of trading. 

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Photo of the Day: May 20, 2012

Gay Group Leader Beaten in Ukraine

Unidentified men beat Svyatoslav Sheremet, head of the advocacy group Gay Forum of Ukraine, as he met with members of the media in Kiev to announce that a scheduled gay-pride parade was cancelled. The attackers ran off when they realized members of the media were documenting the attack.


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12:26 PM, March 28th, 2012

Frontpage: Wednesday, Mar 28th

  1. Few Alternatives for MandateThe Supreme Court heads into its final day Wednesday of arguments about the constitutionality of a mandate that requires all Americans to buy health insurance. If that portion of the law is struck down, it’s unclear how much of the 2010 health-care bill will survive. The justices will be examining the bill to find how much of it can survive without the mandate, which some lower courts have ruled cannot be separated from the bill as a whole—including politically popular portions.
  2. Pope to Meet with Raul Castro: According to a government website, Raul Castro said that he will be happy to meet with Pope Benedict XVI Wednesday as the pontiff prepares to celebrate an outdoor mass in Havana. 
  3. Iran Agrees to Nuke Talks: It’s time to sit down at the table, Iran’s foreign minister said Wednesday. With the international community concerned about the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions, Iranian officials said that the country will reopen talks about its program April 13.
  4. Gingrich to Cut StaffBig changes abound in the Gingrich camp: a third of the staff will be laid off, Newt’s campaign schedule is shrinking, and his manager has been replaced. The presidential campaign has become so strapped for cash that it started charging supporters $50 for a photo. 
  5. NY Maid Launches Suit Against DSKA New York maid who accused former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault last year launched a civil lawsuit against him on Wednesday. Prosecutors dropped the charges last year against Strauss-Kahn after they said they had serious questions about the credibility of the accuser, Nafissatou Diallo.

Photo: Pope Benedict XVI says Mass in Cuba. More photos from the Pope’s trip

1:28 PM, August 1st, 2011
A man who pins you against the wall and kisses you, is that violent? There’s violence and there’s violence. To me, he wasn’t violent.

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