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This 14-Year-Old Girl Just Bought A House In Florida

When a 14-year old can afford to buy a home, does that mean home prices have hit bottom? Willow Tufano is a child of the housing collapse. Her real estate agent mom scrapes together a living in Florida by selling foreclosed properties. Willow found her own niche scavenging abandoned washes, dryers and furniture from her mother’s properties and selling them on Craigslist. In just six months, Willow saved enough money to buy a two-bedroom fixer upper for $12,000. -Chana Joffe-Walt (Photo by Chana Joffe-Walt/NPR)

Kids these days. 

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11:43 AM, January 31st, 2012
For as long as I’ve been in politics, 14 years, journalists call me and ask if this is the most negative election ad atmosphere I’ve ever seen. And every year I say, ‘Don’t be ridiculous.’ But this year it’s true.
That’s Kenneth Goldstein, president of Kantar Media CMAG, which tracks content and targeting of political advertising, commenting on this year’s GOP primaries. As John Avlon notes, “A staggering 92 percent of the political ads run in Florida over the last week of the campaign have been negative." (For the record, Romney is outspending Gingrich 5 to 1.)
11:04 AM, January 31st, 2012

Frontpage: Tuesday, Jan 31st

  1. Officials: Iran Willing to Attack U.S.: U.S. intelligence officials said in a report Tuesday that Iran is increasingly willing to attack on U.S. soil in response to American threats.
  2. U.N. Meets on SyriaWorld leaders are in New York on Tuesday to discuss a plan to end the violence in Syria, which continues to worsen as President Bashar al-Assad’s troops retaliate against gains made by rebels over the weekend.
  3. Romney Has Early Lead: Polls have been open in Florida for 4 hours, but Romney already has reason to be confident. Analysis of 632,000 early votes put him up by at least 60,000 votes.
  4. Italy Ends Shipwreck Search: Rescue has become too dangerous to continue at the Costa Concordia site, says Italy’s Civil Protection Agency.
  5. Occupy D.C. Vows to Flout Ban: Occupy D.C. protesters said Tuesday that they planned to remain in two parks near the White House despite an order by the U.S. National Park Service to stop camping in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza. 

Photo: Backstage at the Miss Brazil Plus-Size Beauty contest. (Nacho Doce)

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5:21 PM, January 30th, 2012

A flyer handed out by “Occupy kids” at a Romney event in Florida. Photo by Brian Braiker of the Guardian, who suspects those handing them out might be “Newt moles.”

10:18 AM, January 23rd, 2012

Frontpage: Monday, Jan 23rd

  1. Obama to Go Populist in SpeechIf President Obama’s third State of the Union address sets the tone for his campaign, expect to hear a lot more about jobs, class struggle, and equality.
  2. Newt Opens Up Lead in Florida Poll: Looks like Gingrich has some solid momentum going into Florida— a new poll puts him 8 points ahead of Romney. 
  3. Syria Rejects Arab League PlanSunday, the Arab League called on Syria’s President Assad to peacefully resign and hold elections for a national unity government. Syria immediately rejected the plan. 
  4. EU Adopts Iran EmbargoIn the latest attempt to step up pressure on Iran, the European Union adopted an oil embargo against Iran and froze the assets of the country’s central bank.
  5. Blackberry CEOs Step Down: Just get an iPhone already. 

Photo: Chinese folk artists in Beijing prepare to celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Dragon. (Feng Li / Getty Images)

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