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If you’re a George R.R. Martin fan, today is a BIG DAY. After six years, the latest installment in the series is finally in bookstores. Jace Lacob reviewed it last week and called it “a taut and relentless masterpiece that reaffirms the reader’s obsession with the panoply of unforgettable characters that Martin has created.” 

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Official poster for Game of Thrones. That thing Sean Bean is sitting on is called the Iron Throne. It was forged from the swords of all the enemies defeated by King Aegon I.

Fans! George R.R. Martin picks his top 10 favorite fantasy films. No. 1 is no surprise—the Lord of the Rings trilogy. “This was as faithful and reverent an adaptation as could ever have been hoped for. If you don’t like these films, you don’t like fantasy,” Martin writes.

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10 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Adaptation

  1. The dogs representing the wolves in the woods are Northern Inuit
  2. The weapons were influenced by Mongolian, Native American, and Egyptian weaponry
  3. The pilot had to be rewritten and reshot due to several roles being recast.
  4. The set designer looked to India, Africa, and Italy for inspiration
  5. An action figure of WWF wresting star, The Undertaker, was used to create a miniature version of the ‘Iron Throne’
  6. The president of the Language Creation Society created “Dothraki,” and was influenced by “Mongols in the Silk Road Period,” as well as some Native American tribes
  7. Of the food, “Most [of it was] edible.”
  8. There are a few new characters they’d like to bring forth in a potential season two…
  9. It’s a tricky task to adapt the weighty volumes in just a handful of episodes
  10. George R.R. Martin’s still finishing his 5th book in the series, A Dance With Dragons

Get all the details in Jace Lacob’s piece, Game of Thrones: 10 Secrets About HBO’s Adaptation.

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