11:53 AM, April 4th, 2012

Frontpage: Wednesday, April 4th

  1. Santorum: ‘It’s Halftime’Rick Santorum may have suffered a triple defeat and be trailing in endorsements, money, and delegates—272 to Mitt Romney’s 646, according to the Associated Press—but he’s not bowing out yet. “It’s halftime,” he said at a rally in Mars, Pa., last night. 
  2. Mogadishu Theater Bombed: The heads of Somalia’s Olympic committee and football association were among the seven people killed in a bombing at a theater in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, early Tuesday. The Somali prime minister, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, was also present at the theater but he said he was unhurt.
  3. U.N. Team Races to Damascus: So much for the truce pledge. The United Nations said on Tuesday that it is rushing a team to Damascus after the Syrian regime sent reinforcements into rebel areas. The Syrian regime reportedly continued to bombard Homs and other cities, despite promising to withdraw troops in obedience to a U.N. peace plan. 
  4. Suspected Shooter Had Troubled Past: More details are emerging about One L. Goh, the man suspected of killing seven people at a nursing school on Monday. Goh came back to Oakland, where his ailing father lived, after running into financial difficulties in Hayes, Va. 
  5. Romney Takes WI, MD, DC: Everything is coming up Romney. Riding a wave of high-profile endorsements, Mitt Romney won clear victories in Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., last night, solidifying his place as the Republican frontrunner and presumptive nominee. “Republicans are unifying,” said Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, a recent Romney backer. 

Photo: Today’s the 44th anniversary of MLK’s assassination. A new book pushes the theory that the KKK were involved with the leader’s death. (AP Photo)

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