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Daily Pic: “Deluge” (left) and “Solaris”, two recent, trademark photos by Marilyn Minter who  – shock! horror! – has just now begun to break her commitment to traditional analog film (as in “Solaris”), and embrace the brave new world of digital (with “Deluge”). (Click on the image to enlarge it.) Her timing couldn’t be more fitting, given yesterday’s announcement that the great film titan Kodak has gone bankrupt. I collected artists’ views on the fall of Kodak in a piece on today’s Daily Beast.

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Frontpage: Thursday, Jan 19th

  1. Perry to Drop Out Today: Womp womp. In a speech he has endorsed Newt Gingrich. 
  2. Murdoch Co. Settles 36 Hack Cases: Rupert’s British newspaper company has agreed to pay damages to 36 people whose phones were hacked by the now-defunct tabloid News of the World, and in the process admits guilt. 
  3. Newt’s Ex-Wife Slams His MoralsNewt Gingrich’s ex-wife told ABC News that the Republican presidential candidate lacked the proper moral character to be president and sought an “open marriage” when he admitted to a six-year affair with Callista. 
  4. Kodak Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Seeing its revenue halved since 2005, the 131-year-old company has filed. Kodak will have 18-months and a $950 mil credit line to sell off what it can. 
  5. Santorum Up 34 Votes in Iowa: Did Rick Santorum win Iowa? Did anyone? Republican Party officials say we’ll never know. 

Photo: Great Britain’s Andy Murray in action against France’s Edouard Roger-Vasselin during day four of the 2012 Australian Open. (PA Photos / Landov)

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