11:59 AM, May 31st, 2012

Frontpage: Thursday, May 31st

  1. Syria Releases 500 Prisoners: The Syrian government released 500 political prisoners on Thursday, as shelling was reported in Houla, the site a deadly massacre less than a week ago.
  2. Ireland Votes on EU Treaty: Ireland went to the polls Thursday to vote on the European Union’s fiscal pact, the only country of the 25 pro-pact nations that has put the treaty to a vote among its people. The treaty needs to be approved by 12 of the 17 Euro Zone nations to ratify it, so the outcome of the vote could be meaningless for the Euro Zone, but if Ireland rejects the pact, the country could be barred from emergency EU funding when its current bailout package expires in 2013. 
  3. Suspect Kills Self in Seattle: The suspect in two Seattle shootings that left five dead fatally shot himself after a standoff with police Wednesday afternoon. Five other people died in the pair of shootings for which police believe the suspect was responsible. The shooter killed four people and wounded one other at a café in the university district in the north part of the city. 
  4. Obama, Romney Tied in Key States: The general election is off to a close start, with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama virtually tied in Colorado, Iowa and Nevada—three battleground states. According to a new NBC News/Marist poll, President Obama is leading in Colorado among independents, women and voters under 45, while Romney is the favorite among male voters and those over the age of 45.  
  5. Minister Testifies in Leveson InquiryThings are not looking so good for Jeremy Hunt. The embattled culture minister testified Thursday before the Leveson Inquiry about his role in Rupert Murdoch’s controversial—and doomed—bid to take over the British broadcaster BSkyB. Hunt had been the minister responsible for overseeing the regulatory process behind News Corp.’s BSkyB takeover and had the final say in approving the deal.

Photo via newsweek:

“At poolside Marilyn took off her blue bathrobe, hiding her body as she slid into the water. A few moments later, when she raised herself from the water, I could see that her panties were gone. She’d done it! And she was having a lot of fun.”

[Text excerpted from Marilyn & Me: A Photographer’s Memories (Nan A. Talese / Doubleday). Photo by Lawrence Schiller. More here.]

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Frontpage: Friday, May 25th

  1. Tony Blair to Testify Monday: Former British prime minister Tony Blair will testify Monday in Parliament’s Leveson Inquiry, the investigation into media ethics and standards at Rupert Murdoch’s News International. 
  2. Morsi Leading Egypt VoteResults of Egypt’s presidential elections are trickling in on Friday. The final results will not be released until Tuesday, but Egyptian newspapers say the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamad Morsi is emerging as the frontrunner. 
  3. Patz Suspect Taken to Bellevue: Pedro Hernandez, the man who has been arrested in connection to the 1979 death of Etan Patz, was transferred Friday morning to Bellevue Hospital and has been placed under suicide watch. Hernandez had been scheduled to be arraigned on Friday morning—the 33rd anniversary of the day that Patz disappeared.
  4. Spain’s Bankia Asks for $19B Bailout: Spanish lender Bankia will ask the country for a $19 billion bailout Friday, after it was partially nationalized and a new management team presents a restructuring plan. Bankia spells trouble for Spain’s already fragile economy, and loan losses from the 2008 property crash could make the country seek international aid. 
  5. SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule Docks: The privately owned Dragon capsule has successfully docked at the International Space Station on Friday. This is the first time a private company has launched a spacecraft that has been snared by the robotic arm at the International Space Station. The unmanned craft, owned by the California-based SpaceX, was on track to deliver a half ton of supplies.

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Photo via discoverynews:

Station Crew Catches A Dragon by the Tail

After a painstakingly and careful approach to the space station, a cargo capsule built and operated by SpaceX, was captured by astronauts aboard the orbital outpost.

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Frontpage: Thursday, May 24th

  1. Inquiry Grills Murdoch LobbyistNews Corp. lobbyist Frédéric Michel appeared before the Leveson Inquiry into the ethics of the British press on Thursday to answer allegations that he communicated with an adviser to the British culture minister, who was overseeing News Corp.’s $12 billion bid to take over the cable company BSkyB. Michel admitted to exchanging phone calls, texts, and email messages with Adam Smith, the government aide, though he denied knowledge that Smith was feeding his communications to the culture minister.
  2. Egypt Votes for Second Day: Egyptians returned to the polls on Thursday for the second day of voting in the country’s first free election since ousting former President Hosni Mubarak last year. Lines at the polls were not as long as Wednesday, although Egyptian authorities proclaimed Thursday a holiday to allow public-sector employees access to vote.
  3. Zimmerman Criticized Cops in 2011: George Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watch volunteer who has been charged with shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, apparently criticized Sanford police last year after he went on a 12-hour ride-along, according to recordings from an open city forum. “What I saw was disgusting,” Zimmerman told mayor-elect Jeff Triplett, who held the forum following a scandal that ousted former police chief Brian Tooley. 
  4. Europe to Greece: Stay in the Euro: It’s been a tumultuous few weeks in Europe. And now that it looks like Greece might leave the euro zone, other European leaders are planning for what could be explosive markets to follow. Most countries agreed that they should issue bonds to help members in financial turmoil, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Greece would have to “uphold the commitments it has made.” 
  5. Suspect Confesses to Strangling Etan PatzA New Jersey man reportedly confessed to police that he strangled Etan Patz, the 6-year-old boy who disappeared in 1979, and hid his body in a box, officials told The New York Times on Thursday.

Photo via picturedept:

Jon Lowenstein

Photographer Jon Lowenstein took this wonderful photo of last weekend’s anti-NATO demonstrations in Chicago. Lowenstein, who recently received a Guggenheim fellowship, has spent a decade photographing the people and neighborhoods in the South Side of Chicago. Last month, on assignment for Newsweek/Daily Beast, he photographed South Side neighborhoods hit by a dramatic rise in crime and gang violence. View that work here. And you can see many more of Jon’s photographs here.

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FAIL. James Murdoch blamed his underlings at News Of The World, told a British judicial inquiry today that he was kept in the dark regarding illegal activity at his father Rupert Murdoch’s UK newspaper empire.
(Via Reuters)

James Murdoch Grilled by Leveson Inquiry’s Lead Counsel Robert Jay


FAIL. James Murdoch blamed his underlings at News Of The World, told a British judicial inquiry today that he was kept in the dark regarding illegal activity at his father Rupert Murdoch’s UK newspaper empire.

(Via Reuters)

James Murdoch Grilled by Leveson Inquiry’s Lead Counsel Robert Jay

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