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Columbia’s Astronauts, Remembered on Mars

When it comes to commemorating the crew of the space shuttle Columbia, NASA found a way to pay both kinds of tribute, and at the same time. On February 2, 2004 — a year and a day after seven astronauts perished as their shuttle broke apart in the Texas sky — the agency announced the names of a series of seven hills. There was Anderson Hill, named for Columbia mission specialist Michael Anderson; Brown Hill, for mission specialist David Brown; Chawla Hill (mission specialist Kalpana Chawla); Clark Hill (mission specialist Laurel Clark); Husband Hill (mission commander Rick Husband); McCool Hill (pilot Willie McCool); and Ramon Hill (mission specialist Ilan Ramon).

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So cool. 

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1:21 PM, August 16th, 2012

The Mars Curiosity Team Lives on Martian Time During Their Mission

Indeed: Since the Martian Day is 24 hours, 40 minutes, 40 [seconds] longer than an Earth day, do the JPL scientists and engineers live their lives on Martian days to stay in sync?
CuriosityMarsRover: Yes. All of the operators (engineers, scientists, drivers, planners) live on Mars time, by shifting the schedule +40 minutes each day. This is order to maximize the efficiency of each sol. MB
biznatch11: Is that difficult to get accustomed to? Do you have to reprogram your alarm clock every day or do you have a special alarm clock that runs on Mars time?
CuriosityMarsRover: It is a bit painful....we re-program our alarm clocks every day.
2:06 PM, August 8th, 2012

Cruise Stage separation!! Beep! Curiosity is still there. Not good enough—is the cruise stage really gone?

Telecom reports the radio signal, once strong, faded and returned. The cruise stage slipped away and blocked the signal as it passed through the donut hole in the center and on beyond the circumference of the stage. The cruise stage is truly gone. Exhale.

Keith Comeaux, flight director of Mars rover Curiosity, wrote a moment-by-moment recap of the landing and it’s really awesome. 
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