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Though the weather was freezing, skaters descended on the Wollman Memorial Rink in Central Park, December 10, 1968. Photo: Neal Boenzi/The New York Times

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Calvin was living Uptown before Katrina.  He was evacuated to seven different cities starting with San Antonio, TX.  But, he managed to get back.  After he did he opened his own barber shop.  When asked what he would say to New Yorkers, he paused for a minute before he said it’s not about the material things…

Over last weekend we asked folks in New Orleans to give advice in hurricane prep to New Yorkers.

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Williamsburg bridge. Brooklyn on left, Manhattan on right, and the lights stop directly in the middle of the bridge. Manhattan is still dark. (at North 5th St Pier)

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Hurricane? Take shelter? Some New Yorkers in Manhattan are all "meh," while those is Brooklyn are hitting bars

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Mapping NYC’s Republicans


As the Republican National Convention kicked off in August, we put up this map locating the concentrations of Republicans in NYC, a notoriously Democratic stronghold:

At the time, we promised to post the data we used to make the map. Then we got swamped!

But here’s the shapefile with the data embedded. As the map above says, it’s based on voter rolls and district lines as of April 2011, and filters for people who’ve voted since 2004. That’s because an “active” voter is generally considered someone who has voted  over the course of the last two presidential elections.

- By John Keefe

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WANTED: Debt-Saddled NYC-Based Students!



Hey! We’re looking to speak with a few New York-based college students or recent graduates who are saddled with student debt. If that’s you, or you know somebody who fits this bill, please contact our reporter Meredith at Meredith.Kaufman@newsweekdailybeast.com and we’ll be in touch. Thanks. Pls reblog or send this link to anyone you know who fits the bill.


I know, right?

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Hovering near the unmanned iPod resting on the side bar, stands a short, pallid blond man. Here is our Gatsby, except he is more like Willy Wonka. Even in a crowded, packed room, Culkin is impossible to miss. In the dim light, he sometimes looks like an adolescent and sometimes like an old man. But never, from any distance or light, does he look his real age of 31.
So Macaulay Culkin DJs a monthly party in Manhattan, and the most recent was dinosaur themed
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Birthday Cheers for Lady Liberty!


On the occasion of the Statue of Liberty’s 125th birthday, we revisit Tom Wolfe’s [1986] essay, examining what the Old Lady might’ve looked like if commissioned in modern times [p.s. it’s not a pretty sight].

And tonight from NewsBeast headquarters you can watch fireworks celebrating Lady Liberty’s birthday.

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Ms. Young, who lives in New York, stands apart, and declined an interview request. She told The Observer via email: “I just don’t think that anyone gives a shit about me, even if I share a name with these cool people.” Super Mollyish thing to say.
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Phyllis Siegel, 76, and Connie Kopelov, 84, were the first same-sex couple to be married in New York City today, exiting the city clerk’s office to cheers. They’ve been together 23 years.

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