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Ben Baker, Manhattan’s Darkest Nights

Most of lower Manhattan remained without power for days after Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the evening of Monday, Oct. 29. The resulting darkness created an eerie atmosphere in the city famous for its constant lights. Photographer Ben Baker braved the unlit streets and made the rounds below 39th Street to document nightfall at its darkest in New York City.

Above: Lower Manhattan. October 31, 2012.

To see the full gallery of Manhattan’s Darkest Nights, visit The Daily Beast.

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This is Myrtle. Myrtle is still missing. If you just so happen to live in New York City and have a spare hour this evening, perhaps consider joining tonight’s Find Myrtle-a-thon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn? Myrtle is a 6 lb, black chihuahua rescue that went missing on Oct 6th, and her human very much wants to wrap her up in a big blanket and “kiss her baby seal head.” We want this story to end that way too. Stay tuned here for updates. Reblog to signal boost.

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Our awesome mashup of New York City destruction scenes! 

11:59 AM, April 12th, 2012

The New York Daily News tweets: “Police investigate package sent to World Financial Center [in New York City] with what appears to be a grenade.”

Live video here (h/t @_mikehayes)

UPDATE: Fox helicopter seems to moved away. Here’s a feed from CNN (via @ProducerMatthew)

UPDATE 2: The AP is reporting that a fake grenade prompted the scare

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Then the dealer said, “Do you give back massages? Most of the girls do. It’s a dollar a minute.” With some trepidation I agreed, and he brought me back to the room with the second poker table, which at the time was serving as a break room. I mentally ran through all the scenarios of what I would do if shit got rape-y, eyeing my different escape routes. My forethought was uncalled for. My “client” just had really tight shoulder muscles.
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Emma Goldman yelled to her crowd of dupes in Union Square Saturday afternoon, “March down to the Mayor, march down to the police!” Her instructions ought not to have been needed. New York pays heavily for protection from mob violence. The authority of the city should have been vigorously represented there, where Emma Goldman, a professional law-breaker to whom we grant unaccountable license, was inciting an ignorant assemblage to violence. The parade on Fifth Avenue was a clear violation of the letter and the spirit of our laws. Parades without permits are illegal. A mob of some hundreds blocked traffic and insulted decent and peaceable citizens for an hour or more.
So begins a New York Times story from 1914. (via @AllisonBurtch, h/t @Newyorkist)
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A rendering of the “Low Line,” a potential subterranean equivalent to New York City’s stunning High Line park. Fingers crossed that this comes to fruition.

Image Via: The New York Times

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Weinergate: Fugheddaboutit

We hit the streets yesterday and polled New Yorkers about whether they would still vote for Anthony Weiner after the congressman’s now infamous gray-boxers shot. Guess what? Most New Yorkers don’t really care (sigh).

Overall, the numbers present a picture of a city that may be rolling its eyes at Weiner, but won’t decide what lever to pull based on whether they’ve seen his lever: two-thirds said the incident wouldn’t factor into a decision on whether to vote for him for mayor. What’s more, respondents seem to be buying Weiner’s line that he didn’t send out the photo.

The numbers are here.

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