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A hunting buddy of mine emailed me from the waiting room of his doctor’s office in Columbus, Ga., a few days after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He was cringing in embarrassment as an old redneck spewed racially divisive rhetoric in front of African-American patients. Then my friend’s embarrassment turned to astonishment as that same redneck (almost certainly a gun owner, given the region and his demographic profile) said, “I never cared much for Obama, but that speech he gave about those little kids—I give him an A for that. He’s gonna try and get more gun control, and I hope he gets it.”
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President Obama reacts to the news of the Sandy Hook school shootings, delivered by deputy national security adviser John Brennan, on Dec. 14, 2012 — a day he has called the worst of his presidency.  (Photo: Pete Souza / The White House via The New York Daily News)

5:17 PM, December 14th, 2012

Obama: “Our hearts are broken today.” Read full transcript here.

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President Obama tears up while talking to the nation about the school shooting today in Connecticut 

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We’re covering this terrible school shooting over on the website. Go here for the latest.
[photo: REUTERS/ Michelle McLoughlin]


We’re covering this terrible school shooting over on the website. Go here for the latest.

[photo: REUTERS/ Michelle McLoughlin]

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CBS News reporting 27 people dead, 14 of them children, at Connecticut school shooting.

Latest updates from us right here

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Shooting reported at Connecticut elementary school

(Photo: Shannon Hicks / The Newtown Bee)

State police were responding to reports of a shooting Friday at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., State Police Lt. Paul Vance told NBC News.

Vance had no information as to possible injuries and no information on the apparent shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Newtown Bee reported that one child, apparently wounded, was carried from the scene by a police officer.

Read the developing story.

Such a terrifying photo. Kids should not have to deal with this, ever.

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BREAKING NEWS: A school shooting has been reported at an elementary school in Newtown, CT. More details from the Newtown Bee:

State and Newtown police, ambulance, and emergency response personnel responded to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shortly after 9:30 am, Friday, following reports of a shooting. One child was carried from the school by a police officer, apparently seriously wounded.

The other children in the school are exiting the school under state police protection.

All of Newtown’s schools are in lockdown, and the private schools have in town have been notified of an alleged shooting being reported at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Superintendent of Schools Janet Robinson said the schools were placed on lockdown the morning of Friday, December 14, “until we hear what is going on there.”

Dr Robinson said it is best if parents do not try to call the district at this time, and the school district will release a message once further information is known.

The situation is evolving.

(Above: Google Maps image of Sandy Hook Elementary School, via @CT1Rick; ht @TheMatthewKeys)

UPDATE: Newtown Patch reports that there may be two shooters in the school.

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