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Remember this guy? Turns out, he’s going to be collecting just over thirty-eight thousand dollars in worker’s compensation, as part of a settlement with the University of California, due to anxiety, stress and death threats that have plagued him since the incident that made him (in)famous. For those who may have forgotten, that’s eight thousand more than was given to the students that Pike was fired for spraying. The settlement has already been approved by an administrative law judge. (Photo via Wayne Tilcock / The Davis Enterprise) source

EDIT: shortformblog points out that it was never confirmed that the spraying was the reason for Pike’s departure. While likely, SFB still amended their post to reflect the information that could actually be confirmed. 

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On June 11, 2012, photographer Alessandro Cosmelli departed from San Francisco with the Occupy Caravan and spent three weeks traveling across America with the members of the Occupy movement. They stopped in over 15 major cities, where Occupy chapters organized demonstrations and events with the visiting caravan. Cosmelli’s beautiful photographs not only offer a deep look inside the Occupy movement, but also provide an intimate portrait of America today.


These are amazing! 

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Occupy has its own site: Meet Occupy.com, everyone, a polished front page intended for the Occupy movement. Here’s the backstory. (thanks capitalnewyork, who we would’ve just reblogged if they used a screenshot)

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Frontpage: Tuesday, Jan 31st

  1. Officials: Iran Willing to Attack U.S.: U.S. intelligence officials said in a report Tuesday that Iran is increasingly willing to attack on U.S. soil in response to American threats.
  2. U.N. Meets on SyriaWorld leaders are in New York on Tuesday to discuss a plan to end the violence in Syria, which continues to worsen as President Bashar al-Assad’s troops retaliate against gains made by rebels over the weekend.
  3. Romney Has Early Lead: Polls have been open in Florida for 4 hours, but Romney already has reason to be confident. Analysis of 632,000 early votes put him up by at least 60,000 votes.
  4. Italy Ends Shipwreck Search: Rescue has become too dangerous to continue at the Costa Concordia site, says Italy’s Civil Protection Agency.
  5. Occupy D.C. Vows to Flout Ban: Occupy D.C. protesters said Tuesday that they planned to remain in two parks near the White House despite an order by the U.S. National Park Service to stop camping in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza. 

Photo: Backstage at the Miss Brazil Plus-Size Beauty contest. (Nacho Doce)

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As Oakland cleans up this week, it’s time for a change. The tired tropes of police brutality, radical occupiers, zip ties, tear gas, and vandalism have begun to lose their allure. We don’t want war. We want change.
U.C. Berkley student Christopher Haugh, an Occupy Oakland protester, explains why the Movement is losing its idealistic roots.  
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