11:32 AM, June 6th, 2013

The Front Page - June 6, 2013

1. Obama Defends Spying on Your Calls: Apparently, the Obama administration’s go-to response when it comes to scandals is simple: “We did this for you.”

2. Woman Rescued from Philly Rubble: A 61-year-old woman was pulled from the debris of a collapsed Philadelphia building, bringing the toll of survivors up to 14. 

3. West: Holder Scarier Than Al Qaeda: Who poses a bigger threat to U.S. security: Attorney General Eric Holder or Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current head of Al Qaeda? According to former congressman Allen West, the answer is easy. 

4. U.S. Condemns Syrian ArmyThe Syrian Army is wreaking havoc on a number of villages surrounding Qusair, a strategic border town it seized from rebels after two weeks of fighting that reportedly left no building undamaged. 

5. Girl, 10, Moved to Adult Transplant List: A 10-year-old girl dying of cystic fibrosis has been moved to an adult transplant list after a federal judge in Philadelphia granted the temporary request due to her severe condition.

Photo: Islamabad, Pakistan. Pakistanis are silhouetted against vehicle headlamps while walking on street darkened by power cuts, on the outskirts of Islamabad. By Muhammed Muheisen/AP. 

3:13 PM, October 16th, 2012


Angelina Jolie just published a piece on The Daily Beast about Malala Yousafzai,  the 14-year-old Pakistani girl who the Taliban shot in the head for publicly promoting girls’ education (she survived—but is in stable condition from her wounds):

As girls across Pakistan stand up to say “I am Malala,” they do not stand alone. Mothers and teachers around the world are telling their children and students about Malala, and encouraging them to be a part of her movement for girls’ education. Across Pakistan, a national movement has emerged to rebuild the schools and recommit to educate all children, including girls. This terrible event marks the beginning of a necessary revolution in girls’ education.

Malala is proof that it only takes the voice of one brave person to inspire countless men, women, and children. In classrooms and at kitchen tables around the world, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters are praying for Malala’s swift recovery and committing themselves to carry her torch. As the Nobel Committee meets to determine the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, I imagine brave Malala will be given serious consideration.

Read the full piece by Angelina Jolie: We All Are Malala. (The above is just an excerpt.)

More of our coverage on Malala’s story

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1:03 PM, June 19th, 2012

Frontpage: Tuesday, June 19th

1. U.N.: Justify Drone Use, U.S.: A United Nations investigator on Tuesday called on Washington to justify its policy of killing al Qaeda and Taliban suspects, rather than capturing them, at the risk of harming civilians.

2. Pakistan Court Bans P.M. From Office: Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Tuesday disqualified Prime Minister Raza Gilani from holding office, two months after finding him in contempt of court.

3. G20 Urges European Solution: More ominous news out of Europe. As the G20 summit started in Mexico, leaders expressed concern over the mushrooming debt crisis in Europe—while fears over Spain’s financial health grew after the news that the country’s borrowing costs soared.

4. UK Stops Russian Shipment: President Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin on Monday jointly called for peace in Syria, but Putin refused to support the U.S. efforts to persuade Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from power.

5. Microsoft Reveals ‘Surface’ Tablet: Microsoft is finally ready to take on the iPad. The company unveiled its new Surface tablet at an event in Los Angeles on Monday.

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Photo by Platon for Newsweek

At 76, he has aged with unholy grace: the mussed carrot-top, now the cloud tint of jiffy-bag innards, has scarcely thinned; the oblong face remains a mobile mask of amused perplexity; the wiry physique, thanks to daily exercise, still exudes the vigor of the athlete he once was—a skilled-enough boxer, in his teens, to have trained for the Golden Gloves competition. Read the full story here

11:29 AM, June 7th, 2012

Frontpage: Thursday, June 7th

  1. U.N. to Discuss Syria Massacre: Following reports of a fresh massacre by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, U.N. special envoy Kofi Annan will meet Thursday with the Security Council and the General Assembly about the growing crackdown in Syria
  2. Panetta: ‘Reaching Limits of Patience’:The U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday that the U.S. is “reaching limits of patience as far as Pakistan is concerned.”
  3. China Cuts Interest Rates: China’s central bank announced a rate cut Thursday that will trim a quarter of a percent off its rate for deposits and loans.
  4. Testing Could Spot Disorders in Fetuses: A team of researchers revealed that testing for 3,500 genetic disorders an unborn child could carry can be discovered by taking a blood sample of a woman 18 weeks pregnant and a swab of saliva from the father.
  5. Romney Campaign Misspells Reagan: Mitt Romney’s campaign misspelled the name of one of the Republican party’s most-revered figures, Ronald Reagan.

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Photo by Andy Manis / AP Photo

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, center, holds his first cabinet meeting at the state Capitol on Wednesday after he beat Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a recall election.

2:28 PM, April 30th, 2012

Frontpage: Monday, April 30th

  1. Ex-Aide’s Wife: Edwards KnewCheri Young, the wife of Andrew Young, John Edwards’s former aide, testified Monday that the former presidential candidate told them it was legal to take funds to pay off Rielle Hunter, Edwards’s mistress. Both Youngs are considered crucial witnesses in the case to prove that Edwards used $1.2 million in donations to hide his mistress, then pregnant with their child, as he contended for the presidency in 2008. 
  2. Suu Kyi to Take Oath of OfficeAung San Suu Kyi and her party agreed Monday to take their seats in Burma’s Parliament later this week, despite a bitter disagreement over the wording of their oath of office. The oath requires that lawmakers vow to “safeguard the Constitution,” a promise that rankled the reform leader. 
  3. Pakistan: Drone Strikes ‘Violative’Pakistani officials said Monday that they were outraged by a drone strike Sunday that killed three suspected militants. Drone strikes in the country are “violative of its territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement Monday, two weeks after Parliament demanded that all American drone strikes against militants in the country cease. 
  4. Microsoft Invests $300M in NookBooks are always a good investment. That’s what shareholders of Barnes & Noble discovered as the company’s stock skyrocketed 95 percent before the market even opened Monday on the news that Microsoft had secured a 17.6 percent stake in the bookseller’s Nook business.
  5. 1WTC to be NYC’s Tallest Building: The Manhattan skyline’s highest point will shift downtown Monday, if the weather holds, as workers erect the 100th floor of the new 1 World Trade Center. The building’s steady upward climb over New York City continues, and the new floor will take it to 1,271 feet, more than 20 feet taller than the Empire State Building. The structure, when completed, is planned to top out at 1,776 feet.

Photo: A campaign poster of France’s opposition Socialist Party (PS) candidate for the 2012 French Presidential election Francois Hollande covered by lipstick kisses. (Joel Saget, AFP / Getty Images) 

More Photos of the Day, or read: "Would Francois Hollande Really Be a ‘Dangerous’ French Leader?" from Newsweek. 

12:04 PM, April 18th, 2012
The assault on the prison began around 1:30 a.m. Firing their AK-47s, launching RPGs and throwing hand grenades, the fighters blasted open the main gate and headed straight for six of the facility’s barracks, encountering little or no resistance from the 30 or so guards on duty. As one of the escapees later told The Daily Beast, the gunmen shot off the locks of the cells, shouting “Adnan Rashid! Where are you?”
This past weekend the Pakistani Taliban executed a brazen jailbreak. Some are suspecting it to be an inside job— even the militants say they’re surprised how easy it was. 
11:39 AM, April 3rd, 2012

Frontpage: Tuesday, April 3rd

  1. Romney Holds Strong Lead in WI: Mitt Romney is riding high going into tonight’s primaries. He holds commanding leads in Wisconsin,  Maryland, and Washington, D.C., and winning all of them would give his campaign yet another boost from now until the next batch of Republican primaries, on April 24. 
  2. $10M Bounty on Pakistani MilitantThe U.S. is offering $10 million for the capture or information leading to the capture of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the founder of the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which was responsible for the 2008 Mumbai attacks. 
  3. James Murdoch to Quit: News Corp.’s Sky News reported on Tuesday that James Murdoch will step down as BSkyB chairman due to his role in the hacking scandal. BBC reported it was James Murdoch’s own decision to step down.
  4. Santorum Plans for May: April just started, but Rick Santorum is already looking ahead to May. Realistic about the losses he faces this month, the presidential candidate is confident he can regain steam in the next round of primaries. 
  5. Oakland Shooting: ‘Execution-Style’One L. Goh, a 43-year-old former Oikos University student, was arrested Monday as the suspected shooter in a rampage at the small religious Oakland school that killed seven people and wounded three others. Police said the students were lined up against the classroom wall and then shot, one by one, in what Oakland Police chief Howard Jordan described as “execution-style.” 

Photo: Riot police and protesters clash at a morning procession for Ahmed Ismael Abdulsamad, allegedly killed over the weekend by government forces, in Salmabad, Bahrain. (Hamad I Mohammed, Reuters / Landov). More photos of the day.

10:14 AM, February 2nd, 2012

Frontpage: Thursday, Feb. 2nd

  1. Washington Senate Passes Gay Marriage: CORRECTION: If it also passes the House, Washington would become the 7th state to legalize same-sex marriage. [Earlier we implied that the law had already passed both state houses.]
  2. Sharron Angle to Endorse Santorum: The Tea Party favorite likes Santorum, saying, “He is a strong fiscal and social conservative who stands on principles above politics.”
  3. Pakistan Charges PM With Contempt: Things getting more turbulent in the Pakistani government— the supreme court says it will charge Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani with contempt of court. 
  4. Facebook Founders Strike RichGoing public is great news for Facebook’s early investors—some well known, and some not so well known. The graffiti artist who painted the walls of Facebook’s first office stands to make $200 million. Good call not taking the cash. 
  5. Snow Traps 11,000 in SerbiaEurope’s deep freeze has trapped 11,000 Serbian villagers in the mountains with 16 feet of snow. Emergency crews are trying to clear the snow and deliver supplies, but more snow is expected soon.

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Watch: John Avlon asks whether Mitt Romney cares about poor people

Photo: A man smokes in sub-zero temperatures near a subway station in Kiev. (Gleb Garanich / Reuters-Landov)

11:43 AM, February 1st, 2012

Frontpage: Wednesday, Feb. 1

  1. Pakistan Helping Afghan Taliban: A classified NATO report obtained by the BBC, based on thousands of interrogations, concludes that the Taliban has widespread support among the Afghan people and is being directly assisted by Pakistan’s intelligence service.
  2. Rich Patrons Fuel Romney Campaign: Federal election filings released Wednesday show that over 60 corporations and wealthy individuals gave checks of over $100,000 to Mitt Romney’s super PAC, Restore Our Future. Without giving through the super PAC, each of the donors would only legally be allowed to contribute $2,500 to the campaign.
  3. Gingrich Refuses to Drop Bid: Newt Gingrich is vowing to continue his campaign despite his double-digit loss in Florida.
  4. Romney: “I’m Not Concerned About the Very Poor”: “We have a safety net there,” Romney said on CNN Wednesday Morning.
  5. Facebook Prepares $5B IPO: You know what’s cool? 

Photo: A Ron Paul supporter wore a sticker on his head at an event at Colorado State University.

Watch: Newsbeast: How the U.S. Gov’t Helped Create Mexico’s Drug Kingpin 

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10:36 AM, January 16th, 2012

Frontpage: Monday, Jan. 16th

  1. Huntsman to Drop Out of Race: Huntsman told his aides late Sunday that he would drop his bid for President and endorse Mitt Romney.
  2. Italy Cruise Rescue Halted in Rough Seas: Search put on hold this morning. The captain of the ship has been arrested. At least 6 people are dead, and 16 missing. 
  3. Donors Rewarded Santorum’s Earmarks: A Romney group is escalating attacks on Santorum over wasteful spending. 
  4. Obamas Attend MLK Service: President Obama attended a service for the birthday of Martin luther King, Jr. Sunday (his actual birthday). In New York, Occupy Wall Street protesters held their own star-studded vigil.
  5. Pakistan Premier Accused of ContemptThe standoff between Pakistan’s civilian government, the military and the judiciary just got even tenser. The Supreme Court issued a contempt of court notice to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani today, which would be the first steps in removing him from power. 

Photo: Yolanda King, 3, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s granddaughter, and her mother, Arndrea King, visited his new memorial in Washington. (JACQUELYN MARTIN/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

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10:02 AM, January 10th, 2012

Frontpage: Jan. 10th

  1. 29 Killed in Pakistan Bombing: At least 29 people were killed and another 44 people were wounded Tuesday in a bombing in northwest Pakistan, in the region used as a supply route for NATO forces into Afghanistan. 
  2. New Hampshire Primary Begins: Today’s the big day. New Hampshire residents begin voting in their primary today. Romney is polling between 35 and 40%, and thus is expected to win easily. Second place, however, is another question.
  3. Syria’s Assad Promises ‘Iron Fist’: In his first speech since June, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told his people that he’s not going anywhere. Once again blaming unrest on “foreign planning,” Assad promised to fight “terrorists with an iron fist.”
  4. U.S. Warns Iran: The U.S. has shot back at Iran, saying the enrichment of uranium has escalated the nation’s violations of U.N. resolutions.
  5. Opposition Leader Will Run in BurmaBurma’s Aung San Suu Kyi may finally get to take office after 15 years spent under house arrest. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate confirms that she will run for Parliament this April. 

Photo: Newt Gingrich poses with participants of a town hall meeting in the cafeteria of Salem High School in Salem, NH. The woman at left is wearing a lobster hat. (Khue Bui for Newsweek)

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9:43 AM, December 28th, 2011

Frontpage: Wednesday, Dec. 28

Good morning, Tumblr! Gonna try numbers instead of bullet points today. 

  1. Ron Paul Retains Iowa Edge: Public Policy Polling says Iowa is between Paul and Romney, with Gingrich in a distant third. 
  2. North Korea Begins Kim’s Funeral: Tens of thousands of North Koreans braved the cold to see the hearse carrying their Dear Leader on Wednesday. 
  3. Newt: I’d Never Vote for Paul: On CNN, Gingrich accused Paul of being a hypocrite about his allegedly racist newsletters. He also called Romney a Massachusetts moderate (burn) and laughed off his challenge for a one-on-one unmoderated debate. 
  4. Iran Threatens to Block Oil Flow: Tensions between the U.S. and Iran escalated on Tuesday when a senior Iranian official threatened to cut off its oil flow through the Strait of Hormuz if the U.S. moved forward with economic sanctions. 
  5. Perry Changes Views on Abortion: In an effort to win the evangelical vote in Iowa, Perry said Tuesday that he no longer supports abortion under any circumstances, not even in cases of rape or incest. 

Photo: Supporters of Pakistan’s slain leader Benazir Bhutto observe the fourth anniversary of her death in Islamabad. (Muhammed Muheisen / AP Photo)

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10:05 AM, December 23rd, 2011

Frontpage: Friday, Dec. 23

  • Vaclav Havel Laid to RestThousands of Czech citizens and world leaders— including French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and British PM David Cameron— gathered to pay their last respects to Vaclav Havel, the former Czech president, activist, and writer who died Sunday.
  • Boehner Demanded House Pass Extension: The House Speaker apparently demanded the House pass the extension via a conference call.
  • Twin Suicide Bombings Hit Syria: An estimated 30 people were killed by the blasts, which comes just one day after a team of Arab League observers entered the country. 
  • Pakistan P.M. Warns of Coup Plot: Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani accused the military on Friday of plotting to overthrow the government.
  • Chinese Writer Jailed: Chinese activist Chen Wei was sentenced to nine years in prison on Friday for “inciting subversion” through essays he posted online. The pro-democracy essays were inspired by the Arab Spring.

Photo: A violinist performs on the streets of Prague during the state funeral of former Czech President Vaclav Havel. (Marko Drobnjakovic / AP Photo)

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    10:45 AM, December 22nd, 2011

    Frontpage: Thursday, Dec. 22

    • Rove Tells Boehner to Cave on Tax: The House GOP continues to take criticism over its failure to pass a payroll-tax extension. Meanwhile the Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor are taking heat from Republicans for failing to warn their Senate counterparts that, you know, it wasn’t going to pass in the House. 
    • At Least 63 Killed in Iraq Bombings: A dozen bombs killed 63 people in Baghdad on Thursday. These are the first major acts of violence since American troops pulled out earlier this week. 
    • Romney: I’d Deport Obama’s Uncle: Onyango Obama, 67, is a Kenyan with a case pending in Massachusetts for not returning to Kenya 20 years ago.  
    • U.S. Admits Blame in Pakistan Strike: The Pentagon has admitted responsibility for an air strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers on the Afghan border last month, blaming “inadequate co-ordination” with Pakistani officers. 
    • Ron Paul Storms Out of CNN Interview: The candidate who had been complaining about a lack of coverage said he was sick of being “pestered” about racist newsletters that were sent in his name during the ’90s. He took off his mic and stormed off he set with CNN’s Gloria Borger.  

    Photo: People watch the launch of the Soyuz TMA-03M space ship from Baikonur, Kazakhstan carry a new crew to the International Space Station. (Dmitry Lovetsky / AP Photo)

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