11:20 AM, March 26th, 2012

Frontpage: Monday, Mar 26th

  1. Obama: Let’s Talk “After My Election”: Oops! In a comment picked up by live microphones Monday at a meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, President Obama said he’d be better able to talk with the newly elected Vladimir Putin “after my election.”
  2. Bales’ Wife: ‘He Would Not Do That’: Karilyn Bales, who is married to the Army staff sergeant accused of killing 17 Afghan civilians, told the Today show on Monday that she can’t imagine her husband would do such a thing. The charges, especially those against children, Bales told Matt Lauer, are “unbelievable to me … I have no idea what happened, but he would not … he loves children, and he would not do that.” 
  3. Santorum Curses at NYT Reporter: Following a Wisconsin speech in which the Rick Santorum called his opponent Mitt Romney the “worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama,” The New York Times’s Jeff Zeleny tweeted, “I ask Santorum if Romney is ‘worst Republican’ to run. He says: ‘Quit distorting my words It’s bullshit.’”
  4. South Korea Warns Against Rocket Tests: President Obama declared in South Korea Monday that the Koreans are “one people,” even as the country braced itself for a threatened missile test by the North. The president is in South Korea as part of a nuclear-nonproliferation summit.
  5. Trayvon’s Parents to Speak in SanfordThe parents of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, shot by a neighborhood-watch volunteer a month ago, will return to Sanford, Fla., Monday to speak. 

Photo: A woman displays her inked finger after voting at a polling station in Fatick, Senegal. Senegalese voted in a run-off election in which the 85-year-old incumbent Abdoulaye Wade is fighting off a mass opposition effort to foil his controversial bid to stay in power for a third term. (Issouf Sanogo, AFP / Getty Images)

11:04 AM, March 21st, 2012

Frontpage: Wednesday, Mar 21st

  1. Romney Sweeps Illinois Primary: Mitt Romney took another major step toward silencing the GOP’s doubters with a decisive win in Tuesday night’s Illinois primary, where he took 46 percent of the vote to Rick Santorum’s 35 percent, and nearly three times as many delegates. 
  2. Obama Plans Korea Border VisitIn a bid to turn up the heat on North Korea before a critical nuclear-security meeting, President Barack Obama plans to visit the demilitarized zone on Sunday. The White House said the trip will show American support for South Korea as the country squares off against its neighbor to the north over nuclear disarmament.
  3. French Police Besiege Suspect: Two days after a shooter on a motorbike killed four people at a Jewish school in Toulouse, French police launched a predawn raid on a house in the city where the only suspect was hiding. Two cops were injured in the hours-long standoff, during which they exchanged fire with the suspect and arrested his brother, who was in the house. 
  4. Super PACs Outspend DonationsA Federal Election Commission (FEC) report filed today shows that the pro-Romney super PAC called Restore Our Future raised just more than $6 million in February—but spent twice that amount. The super PAC has $10 mil in cash left. 
  5. NYPD Boots 300 Occupiers: Spring weather means more Occupy protesters are coming out of hibernation, and the New York Police Department is getting straight to work. The NYPD, dressed in riot gear, threw 300 protesters out of Union Square Park overnight on Wednesday. One person was arrested. 

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Photo: Women celebrate the Persian New Year Nowruz in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Mustafa Najafizada / AP Photo, Mustafa Najafizada)

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