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Chart of the day: Sheldon Adelson could find $10 million in his couch cushions.

His $10 mil is the same as $40 for the average person. Wish that was hiding in my couch cushions.

What’s 10 mil to a casino tycoon like me? Apparently FORTY DOLLARS. 

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11:18 AM, February 17th, 2012

Frontpage: Friday, Feb. 17th

  1. New York Times’s Anthony Shadid Dies: The New York Times’s Beirut bureau chief, Anthony Shadid, died Thursday, the newspaper announced. He apparently died of an asthma attack in Syria. Tyler Hicks, a photographer with Shadid, carried his body to Turkey.
  2. Obama Raises $29M in January: The number puts him ahead of the pace that he set at the end of last year. The campaign announced the haul via Twitter on Friday morning, claiming that 98 percent of the donations were $250 or less. Note that all that money came before Obama announced this month that he would accept the support of shadowy super PACs that allow unlimited donations.
  3. German President QuitsGerman President Christian Wulff announced Friday that he was quitting over a scandal that he allegedly received favors before taking up his post in 2010, when Chancellor Angela Merkel nominated him for the job.
  4. Syrian Violence ‘Extreme’ After U.N. VoteViolence has only escalated in Syria following the U.N. vote yesterday to back a plan calling for President Assad’s resignation.
  5. Federal Agent Kills Colleague: A federal immigration agent who shot and injured a colleague in their office Thursday night was killed by a third agent in a chaotic confrontation. 

Photo: What is up with goats!? (via Newsweek)

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