10:38 AM, June 12th, 2013

Front Page - June 12, 2013

1. Ariel Castro Pleads Not Guilty: Ariel Castro pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to 329 charges including rape, kidnapping and aggravated murder for the deaths of two unborn children one of the women miscarried after forced starvation and beatings.

2. Report: Snowden Seeking Legal Advice: According to the Oriental Daily News on Wednesday, Edward Snowden might still be in Hong Kong after all and looking for legal help.

3. World’s Oldest Man Dies in Japan: At 116, Jiroemon Kimura wasn’t just the world’s oldest person, he was the oldest man ever verified to have lived.

4. Wildfires Rage Across Colorado: Raging wildfires have prompted a mandatory evacuation order for about 5,000 homes across 24,000 acres in Colorado. 

5. Taksim Square Calm After Night of Violent Clashes: Tuesday’s night of violence between police and demonstrators in Istanbul’s Taksim Square has left an eerie calm over the area Wednesday, with traffic resuming and new police squads taking the place of those who’d spent the night firing water cannons and tear gas at protesters.

PhotoPolice fired massive volleys of tear gas and jets of water to disperse thousands of anti-government demonstrators in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, after earlier apparently retreating. The gas sent crowds scrambling, raising tensions on a 12th day of violence after Prime Minister Recep Rayyup Erdogan warned he had “no more tolerance” for the mass demonstrations. By Bulent Kilic/Getty.

9:55 AM, June 30th, 2012

Second Death Confirmed in CO: 
Obama promises federal aid

“I’m kind of dreading returning.” One Colorado Springs resident said as firefighters continued to fight back a blaze outside the town on Saturday. Two people have been confirmed dead and 350 homes have been destroyed after a wildfire swept into the town’s outskirts. President Barack Obama visited the area swept by the Waldo Canyon Fire, which has caused more than 35,000 people to evacuate. The president promised federal aid to the stricken area, saying, “We have been putting everything we have into trying to deal with what is the worst fires we’ve seen here in Colorado.”

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10:37 AM, June 26th, 2012

Frontpage: Tuesday, June 26th

1. Chicago Homicides Up 38 Percent: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel listed safer streets as one of his three top priorities when he became mayor, but the rate of homicides has risen 38 percent from last year. As of June 17, 240 people have been killed in the city.

2. Colo. Wildfire Burns 3,446 Acres: Four huge tankers dumped 3,000 gallons of flame-retardant material in less than five seconds on Monday in an effort to calm the massive High Park fire in Fort Collins, Colo.

3. Arizona Police Unsure of Role: Arizona police, who hoped that the Supreme Court ruling might clarify what role they should play in immigration enforcement, were left sorely disappointed on Monday.

4. Romney Makes Inroads in Silicon Valley: President Obama is finding less hope and more change in Silicon Valley this year. Though Obama is still outraising Mitt Romney in donations from tech-company employees, Romney has raised nearly $340,000 from tech companies this year, far more than the $240,000 John McCain had picked up through May 2008.

5. Turkish Forces on High Alert: The Turkish government on Tuesday condemned attacks on its military planes by Syria, with the prime minister saying Turkey’s forces are now on high alert. “The rules of engagement of the Turkish Armed Forces have changed given this new development,” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

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Photo by Peter Van Agtmael via picturedept:

Quoted from his artist statement:

Reality was intersecting with my aspired ideals and I knew I had to cover the wars of my country and my generation. I first went to Iraq in the beginning of 2006 and began working in Afghanistan in 2007. I have been covering both wars since. When I returned home I showed the pictures to my friends and family. They were intrigued and troubled and sometimes moved but generally detached. I knew I could not emote my experiences how I wanted, so I began to look for intersections between home and war.

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10:23 AM, June 11th, 2012

Frontpage: Monday, June 11th

1. European Stocks Rise: European stocks took a turn for the better early Monday as markets breathed a sigh of relief after Spain accepted a bailout offer over the weekend.

2. GOP Hammers Obama on Leaks: Republican leaders had their sights trained on the Obama administration Sunday as the White House went into crisis mode over a series of media leaks.

3. Sandusky Sex-Abuse Trial Begins: Controversy is sure to return to Happy Valley as former Nittany Lions football coach Jerry Sandusky goes on trial Monday on 52 charges of sexual abuse.

4. 'Porgy' Wins Best Musical Revival: There was no acting on stage for the cast and production team of Porgy and Bess as the show won the Tony Award Sunday night for best musical revival.

5. Hundreds Evacuated in Colorado, NM: Communities in New Mexico and Colorado continued evacuations Monday as wildfires spread through forested areas of the states.

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Photo by AP

Syria’s Grief

Over the past two weeks, four massacres of civilians have been reported—most recently, at al-Qubeir, in the Homs district, where U.N. observers arrived on June 8 to investigate the deaths of 78 people. The monitors were greeted by the smell of rotting flesh and charred bodies. “I have not seen anything like this since Bosnia,” said one monitor. (The regime denied responsibility for the attack.)

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