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There is a live cam of a miniature horse named Becca (and her baby foal) on the Internet right now and you, stupidly, aren’t watching it.

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Smithsonian Scientists Discover New Species of Mammal

By Joseph Stromberg

Photos © Mark Gurney

For all of modern history, a small, carnivorous South American mammal in the raccoon family has evaded the scientific community. Untold thousands of these red, furry creatures scampered through the trees of the Andean cloud forests, but they did so at night, hidden by dense fog. Nearly two dozen preserved samples—mostly skulls or furs— were mislabeled in museum collections across the United States. There’s even evidence that one individual lived in several American zoos during the 1960s—its keepers were mystified as to why it refused to breed with its peers.

Now, the discovery of the olinguito has solved the mystery. At an announcement today in Washington, D.C., Kristofer Helgen, curator of mammals at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, presented anatomical and DNA evidence that establish the olinguito (pronounced oh-lin-GHEE-toe) as a living species distinct from other known olingos, carnivorous tree-dwelling mammals native to Central and South America. His team’s work, also published today in the journal ZooKeys, represents the first discovery of a new carnivorous mammal species in the American continents in more than three decades.

Read the full story at Smithsonian.com.

But how did it take this long?

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French bulldog trying to teach baby to crawl

Happy Friday! 

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Penguin falls down resulting in best sound ever [x]

This made me laugh a lot more than I thought it would.

Happy Friday! 

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The life and times of Lonesome George

Lonesome George, the last of the Pinta island giant tortoises and a conservation icon, has died of unknown causes. He was believed to be about 100 years old. He was found in 1972 and become a symbol of the Galápagos Islands. His species helped Charles Darwin formulate his theory of evolution in the 19th century

Photographs: Rodrigo Buendia/AFP/Getty Images & Reuters


I visited this big guy when I was 10. RIP. 

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One more, this time not so graceful.

UPDATE: Readers, does anyone know if this bear turned out okay? We are concerned!

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More tranquilized bears falling gracefully out of trees. Previously.

More tranquilized bears falling gracefully out of trees. Previously.

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The most graceful falling bear we’ve ever seen.

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Think you can handle a gallery of animals with hearts in their fur? We double dog dare you to try.

Too cute. Can’t handle.

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Two stranded dolphins wait to be rescued at Herring River in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. More than 110 common dolphins have been stranded on Cape Cod shores in the last week in a development that has baffled scientists


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Coming in at #24: Inception Cat.

[The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2011]

 Buzzfeed, why must you ruin everyone’s productivity level?

Hold on… wasn’t THIS Inception cat? 

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