10:57 AM, April 24th, 2013
What we’ve said to the girls is, ‘If you guys ever decided you’re going to get a tattoo, then mommy and me will get the exact same tattoo in the same place. And we’ll go on YouTube and show it off as a family tattoo.
Barack Obama shares some parenting strategy.   
11:53 AM, March 7th, 2012

Watch a young Barack Obama support Harvard Law professor Derek Bell in a speech at a diversity protest in 1990. (via Buzzfeed)

12:08 PM, February 29th, 2012

Word Cloud of the Day: Last week, we made word clouds out of our Facebook fans’ one-word descriptors for the four GOP candidates. Subsequently, we got a few calls for us to give Obama the same treatment, so yesterday we asked the same question to our Facebook fans: to describe Barack Obama in one word. Here’s the resulting word cloud

3:23 PM, August 5th, 2011

Barack Obama: Washington’s Most Effective Politician?

So argues Andrew Sullivan, who ticks off the president’s political accomplishments and failures:

Here are the political accomplishments: defeating the most heavily favored party machine in decades (the Clintons) while actually bringing his biggest rival into his cabinet, where she has performed extraordinarily well; helping to cement the GOP’s broad identity as extremists opposed to compromise; entrenching black and Hispanic loyalty to his party; retaining solid favorables and not-too-shabby approval ratings during the worst recession since the 1930s. 44 percent of the country still (rightly) blame Bush for this mess, only 15 percent blame Obama.

On policy: ending the US torture regime; prevention of a second Great Depression; enacting universal healthcare; taking the first serious steps toward reining in healthcare costs; two new female Supreme Court Justices; ending the gay ban in the military; ending the Iraq war; justifying his Afghan Surge by killing bin Laden and now disentangling with face saved; firming up alliances with India, Indonesia and Japan as counter-weights to China; bailing out the banks and auto companies without massive losses (and surging GM profits); advancing (slowly) balanced debt reduction without drastic cuts during the recession; and financial re-regulation.

Yes, there have been failures. The election of Scott Brown; the 2010 mid-terms; the surrender to Netanyahu and AIPAC; the botched and ill-conceived war in Libya; the failure to embrace Bowles Simpson up-front; the collapse of cap and trade (maybe not such a bad thing anyway). But notice what hasn’t happened. Where are all the scandals promised by Michelle Malkin? Where are his Katrinas and Monicas?

What do you think?

11:51 AM, August 4th, 2011
Happy Birthday, Mr. President.
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Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

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6:24 PM, June 20th, 2011

Dan Stone on Bill Clinton’s ideas for ways to save the economy, and the difference now being that we know these ideas, like retrofitting buildings, have worked.

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3:25 PM, February 22nd, 2011

Of course we’re already thinking ahead to 2012, so we polled some voters. Obama vs. Romney is a close race. Obama vs. Palin, not so much. But look what happens when you throw Donald Trump into the mix. Check out how an independent candidate could disrupt the 2012 race.

9:53 AM, February 21st, 2011

A Newsweek/Daily Beast poll!

The Newsweek/Daily Beast Poll was conducted with a representative sample of the national population with 918 likely voters. The fieldwork took place between Saturday, February 12 and Tuesday, February 15, 2011. The margin of sampling error for this poll is +/-3.5 percent.

3:07 PM, February 17th, 2011
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