1:12 PM, July 5th, 2012


Seventeen Magazine’s Pledge to Girls

After a very public campaign by 13 year-old activist Julia Bluhm, and after her online petition garnered over 80,000 signatures, Seventeen Magazine has agreed to stop airbrushing their covers.

(via The New York Times)

Seventeen magazine, which in recent months has been inundated by pleas from teenage girls to publish photographs of models that don’t look touched up, said on Tuesday that it would be more transparent about its photo shoots and promised to “celebrate every kind of beauty.”

Ann Shoket, the magazine’s editor in chief, wrote in the editor’s letter in the August issue that the magazine had drafted what it called a Body Peace Treaty, after she heard from girls “who were concerned that we’d strayed from our promise to show real girls as they really are.”

They have also announced in the spirit of transparency to start publishing candid behind the scenes images from the magazine’s photo shoot on their Tumblr.

It is a good day when one teenager can affect positive change on a large media company.

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Good for them! Will be watching their Tumblr

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