10:36 AM, June 21st, 2012

Frontpage: Thursday, June 21st

1. CIA Said to Direct Arms in Syria: As Syrian shells rained down on the battered city of Homs Thursday, a handful of American black bag operatives were helping allies direct weapons to the men and women fighting back.

2. Mitt to Florida: Hush Up on Jobs: Things are bad, no matter how good they look. That’s the message the Romney campaign sent down to Florida, sources told Bloomberg News, where Governor Rick Scott has been tooting his own job-creation horn a little too much for the Romney camp’s liking.

3. Suspected Bomb at Nuclear Site: Threat levels have been increased in Sweden after explosive material was found on a truck near a nuclear power plant.

4. European Stocks Slip: After reaching a five-week high, European stocks slipped Thursday. “The mood of market participants is still characterized by great uncertainty about future developments in Europe and the slowdown in China,” Stefan Angele, investment management head at Swiss & Global Asset Management, told reporters.

5. Egypt on Edge as Results Delayed: Tahrir Square was alive again with demonstrators overnight, and Egyptian voters continued to wait Thursday for a result in the country’s presidential election as anxieties mounted in the country.

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Photo by Alpha Press/Landov

A woman agrees to let a rescue team prevent her from falling by tying her to a building. Read more here about China’s growing concern about their suicide rate.

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