4:39 PM, June 1st, 2011

Sharon Begley breaks down whether cell phones really present a cancer risk, following the new WHO report:

The suggestive but ambiguous, even contradictory, evidence that cell phones increase the risk of brain cancer is why the IARC panel put cell phones in the “possibly” category when it comes to cancer risks, a category that also includes pickled vegetables, coffee, DDT, the flame retardant PBB, moth balls, dioxin, and saccharin—in other words, an eclectic collection of hundreds of natural and manmade agents that evoke public reactions from “keep that away from me!” to “oh, come on.”

But how much do we need to worry about this considering our cell talk peaked in 2007 and talk time has been declining since then?

(Source: thedailybeast.com)

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