12:40 PM, September 19th, 2013

Actually no, Playboy did not change its annual party school guide into an article advocating for consent on campus. 

How a prank on Hugh Hefner’s magazine fooled the Internet

12:53 PM, April 23rd, 2012

The 13 Most Useless College Majors (As Determined By Science)


1. Fine Arts

2. Drama and Theatre Arts 

3. Film, Video, and Photographic Arts

4. Commercial Art and Graphic Design

5. Architecture

6. Philosophy and Religious Studies

7. English Literature and Language

8. Journalism

9. Anthropology and Archeology

10. Hospitality Management

11. Music

12. History

13. Political Science and Government

(Ed: Your primary tumblrs majored in two of these and now work in the field of a third.)

I’ll finish that thesis on Nietzsche someday… 

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Sexual Obstructionism on Campus, 1967-Style!

Coeds at the University of Illinois are forbidden to wear long trench coats when necking with dates.  Reason: one legendary lass was once caught necking wearing her trench coat and nothing else…Keep reading here

Newsweek  May 8, 1967

Another gem:

Illinois also has a “three foot rule”: this requires couples to keep three of their collective four feet on the floor at all times in dorm room lounges—a restriction which, says a former student editor, “does not make for better morals, only more convoluted romantic gymnastics.”

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