2:46 PM, September 24th, 2013

We went to @horse_ebooks’s funeral. It was, of course, in a Lower East Side art gallery. 

10:54 AM, March 29th, 2013

Barbara Walters, who is retiring after 60 years on the air, had a talent for bringing out real emotions. Watch her bring the water works. 

7:31 PM, February 28th, 2012



The crying women of Community remind you how sad it will be if it gets canceled

“I’ve never worked with a group of people that have impressed me so consistently on such a daily basis.” -Gillian Jacobs

There can be no tears until we know for sure whether the show comes back. But if it does get cancelled, we’ll all be sobbing.

this is an excellent, excellent read. I may have cried a little bit.


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