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Fox’s ‘The Five’ has a smart take on Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony. (via TPM)

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Super misleading chart from Fox News. A 4.6% increase looks astronomical but is miniscule compared to historical levels
This is why I love you guys.



Super misleading chart from Fox News. A 4.6% increase looks astronomical but is miniscule compared to historical levels


This is why I love you guys.

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Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” decided to make a 4-minute video looking back at Obama’s first term. It’s even more “Fair and Balanced” than you’d think. (via Politico

2:27 PM, May 24th, 2012

Cable TV? Fox News host John Stossel debunks the “myth” that poverty in America is a serious problem. 

2:24 PM, May 22nd, 2012
[A] bunch of lying scum.
That’s how Roger Ailes, Fox News chairman, described New York Times reporters in a speech at Ohio University Monday night. A senior Fox News executive says he regrets using that language. 
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I should have done something more innocuous, like hacked a dead girl’s phone and interfered with a police investigation.

Fox News mole Joe Muto, who had this apartment searched this morning by the New York District Attorney’s office, taking a last dig at the Fox News corporation, News Corp, and their leader, Richard Murdoch. Murdoch and his UK media empire have been under social and legal scrutiny for phone hackings and similar illegal “journalistic endeavors.” (via reallyfoxnews)

Oh snap.

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Long time charter, first time submitter!

I saw this chart on HuffPo, detailing the late response of the national media to the Trayvon Martin death. You often cite encouraging dialogue as motive for your charts, and the case is rife with dialogue about racial profiling, vigilantism, and gun laws.


If you are unfamiliar with the case, part of me is envious, because it has been eating away at the part of my brain that holds out hope for humanity and the ability to be empathetic to those with differing world views for weeks. However, please do risk your bliss by reading up and consider signing this petition

For more on Fox News’ coverage (or lack there of) of the case, check out our story

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Why does FOX News want to take the username “F—kYeahFoxNews” away from me?


Wow. This could go in all sorts of directions. 

Update: One astute follower notes that the above email is dated June 10th, 2011. Womp womp. 

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Ailes is angry about an Associated Press report that 29 worshipers were killed by a suicide bomber in Baghdad’s largest Sunni mosque during prayers. “How do we know they were worshiping?” he demands. “I think the AP is so far over the hill, they’ve become left wing, antiwar. Gotta watch their copy.”
More from Newsweek’s interview with Roger Ailes.

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12:10 PM, September 26th, 2011

In this week’s Newsweek, Roger Ailes talks about Fox’s quite “course correction” following Glenn Beck’s rants over Obama being racist and Sarah Palin being touted as the GOP’s savior. Ailes even directed his people to tone things down following the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. But don’t mistake him for a political operative—fostering friction is good for business.

Photo: Jake Chessum for Newsweek

3:15 PM, April 18th, 2011
As if to underscore the message that the Aileses are all-seeing, the single unisex bathroom in the papers’ headquarters features portraits of Elizabeth and Roger on the walls, watching you, while you poop.
GawkerRoger Ailes Caught Spying on the Reporters at His Small-Town Newspaper

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