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Mitt Romney spotted in the wild. 




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Frontpage: Thursday, Mar. 1st

  1. Senate Takes Up Contraception Bill: An amendment that would allow employers to avoid insurance regulations that they find morally objectionable goes before the Senate for a vote Thursday. Put forward by Republican Senator Roy Blunt, the bill “is about the First Amendment,” said Blunt in a February press release. “It’s not about any one issue.” 
  2. Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43Andrew Breitbart, publisher, commentator, and new-media advocate who helped build the Drudge Report and the Huffington Post in addition to his own aggregation sites, has died. 
  3. 2 U.S. Troops Dead in Afghanistan: Two NATO troops were killed in what may be the latest incident involving an Afghan serviceman—or insurgent masquerading as one—shooting NATO soldiers. 
  4. Gas Could Spike to $5 a GallonTensions between the West and countries like Syria and Iran may conceivably hike gas prices up to $5 a gallon, especially as the summer months loom and Americans plan getaways. 
  5. Syria Rebels Pull Out of Homs: Following a brutal month-long assault—and threats from the Syrian government that they would “cleanse” and “mop up” the city—rebels have fled from the opposition hub of Homs.

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Photo: Carissa Westfall helps salvage products from Nature’s Sunshine Health Foods store in Branson, Missouri, after  storms that spawned tornadoes ripped through the Midwest. (Sarah Conrad / Landov) More photos of the day

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