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There are some misspellings that Apple doesn’t want you to correct (like abortion). 

Sometimes auto correct isn’t so funny. 

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The iPhone Is 5

"Wait, there were cell phones before the iPhone," said my grandkid. 

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The conflict is rooted in a belief that Apple customers have higher income and better taste, and that Android users are hoi polloi who are so vulgar or stupid that they can’t see why Apple products are better.
4:25 PM, February 15th, 2012

iOS ‘86

I would download this in a heartbeat. A heartbeat. 

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Yeah, yeah, you’ve all done your own Siri experiments but WATCH THIS ONE ANYWAY. Especially if you want to know where to dump a dead body. Dun duhn!

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Steve Wozniak, Apple’s No. 1 employee, was the first in line for the iPhone 4S at the Los Gatos, California store, having camped out the night before.

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When that small appeasement is challenged even slightly, when that thin, taut cord that connects our consumption to the nameless millions who make our lifestyle possible snaps even for a moment, the gulf we find ourselves peering into—a yawning, endless future of emptiness on a squandered planet—becomes too much to bear.
In the past half decade, 17 Foxconn employees have committed suicide by jumping from a factory building in Shenzhen, China, where iPhone parts are manufactured. Gizmodo editor-at-large Joel Johnson explores, in this month’s Wired, whether he had any role, however tangential, in the spate of tragedies.
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