2:30 PM, March 22nd, 2012
As for the killing of Osama bin Laden, Mr. Obama did what virtually any commander in chief would have done in the same situation. Even President Bill Clinton says in the film “that’s the call I would have made.” For this to be portrayed as the epic achievement of the first term tells you how bare the White House cupboards are.

Karl Rove: Why is everyone making a big deal out of this Osama bin Laden killing thing? [Washington Post, sourcing Wall Street Journal] (via producermatthew)

Note: As the Post points out, Bill Clinton’s quote in the film is “He took the harder and the more honorable path. When I saw what had happened I thought to myself, ‘I hope that’s the call I would have made.’” Which is, you know, way different than what Rove implies. 

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10:45 AM, December 22nd, 2011

Frontpage: Thursday, Dec. 22

  • Rove Tells Boehner to Cave on Tax: The House GOP continues to take criticism over its failure to pass a payroll-tax extension. Meanwhile the Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor are taking heat from Republicans for failing to warn their Senate counterparts that, you know, it wasn’t going to pass in the House. 
  • At Least 63 Killed in Iraq Bombings: A dozen bombs killed 63 people in Baghdad on Thursday. These are the first major acts of violence since American troops pulled out earlier this week. 
  • Romney: I’d Deport Obama’s Uncle: Onyango Obama, 67, is a Kenyan with a case pending in Massachusetts for not returning to Kenya 20 years ago.  
  • U.S. Admits Blame in Pakistan Strike: The Pentagon has admitted responsibility for an air strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers on the Afghan border last month, blaming “inadequate co-ordination” with Pakistani officers. 
  • Ron Paul Storms Out of CNN Interview: The candidate who had been complaining about a lack of coverage said he was sick of being “pestered” about racist newsletters that were sent in his name during the ’90s. He took off his mic and stormed off he set with CNN’s Gloria Borger.  

Photo: People watch the launch of the Soyuz TMA-03M space ship from Baikonur, Kazakhstan carry a new crew to the International Space Station. (Dmitry Lovetsky / AP Photo)

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8:31 AM, July 19th, 2011


A tweet by Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat.

GOP strategist Karl Rove tweeted in reply: “Saw @clairecmc @ St Louis airport - she waved but wasn’t happy. Must be @crossroadsgps ads on her bad votes/broken promises 2 cut spending” (via politico)

Politicians have gotten so sassy on the Twitter.

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