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Mitt Romney spotted in the wild. 




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Mitt Romney is a highly moral man who happens to be amoral when it comes to politics—a salesman willing to make whatever pitch will sell at that moment.
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That’s a big lava lamp, congratulations.
Mitt Romney, admiring a desk decoration at Google Chicago. (via officialssay)
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Romney Gives Planned Parenthood An Opening To Revive Contraception Fight

Mitt Romney did not break any news Tuesday when he once again said he’d eliminate government funding for Planned Parenthood as part of his larger plan to cut spending. (That plan was best known until now for Romney’s promise to put ads on “Sesame Street.”)

But Romney did state his plan in a slightly different way than he has before — and that was all the kindling Democrats and progressives needed to relight the fire over women’s health that many on the left have seen as a hugely winning issue against the GOP.

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And your related longread: William Saletan’s exploration of Romney’s shift on abortion

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In case you missed it: this is a thing that happened today.

This is a thing that was tumbled today. 

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Thanks to commenter “kognyc” for pointing us to the above chart, which provides a perfect visual complement to Gary Rivlin’s story about how the poor people’s safety net is largely a myth. Here’s what Mitt’s Romney’s tax plan would really do: further increase income inequality in America by providing massive tax cuts to those at the top of the income scale and add to the tax burden of the poor and working poor. Just follow the logic: jobless benefits and health insurance are limited, housing assistance has been reduced, and ‘welfare’ has been devastated by budget cuts.

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Mitt Romney sings “America the Beautiful” after being “glitter bombed” at an event in Minnesota today. Zeke Miller reports:

Romney called it celebratory when he took the microphone as his son, Josh, wiped much — but not all of it — from his head: “This is confetti! We just won Florida,” he said, but the tactic has been a favorite of gay rights activists.

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The president and the Democrats should not be piling on Romney because he’s rich. They should be piling on the tax code because it is so insane. This issue is populist and good economics. With a full-scale Bowles-Simpson attack on deductions, reform could keep taxation simple and low and easier to understand. And that restrains lobbyists, who suddenly have far less to lobby for; and it restrains taxation. If you have three simple rates - say, 10, 20, 30 - then any increase in them is very, very visible. You want a government that can be monitored and controlled by the people? Simplify the tax code!
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Watch what happens when you don’t let Mitt have his turn.

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Today’s the big day in SC! Check out our complete guide to the primary.

Or, if you’re in more of a pictorial mood, our photos from the South Carolina trail by Charles Ommanney for Newsweek (Romney looks kind of badass in this one, no?). 

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David Frum defends Mitt Romney’s remark on enjoying “being able to fire people.” 

The fact is, presidents (being politicians) get into much more trouble because they hesitate to fire than because they overenjoy it. Donald Rumsfeld lasted for years after it became apparent that his management of the Iraq War was failing. President Obama won’t take action against Eric Holder, not after he bollixed the trial of Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, who has to date faced neither the promised civilian trial nor the substituted military commission. It was son George W. who had to carry the message to White House Chief of Staff John Sununu that he must go, because President George H.W. Bush could not bear to do it. For 13 miserable years, Franklin Roosevelt flinched from firing an incompetent and obnoxious White House cook.

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