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One Year Ago Today…


We began this little thing called THE NEWSWEEK ARCHIVIST.  Thanks for visiting, and have a look back at the Archivist Archive that you might have missed.

Happy birthday!

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Shout-out to our editor, moving up the ranks on Forbes ‘Most Powerful Women’ list!

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The other day, a British friend asked me if there was anything about the United States I disliked. I was happily on vacation and couldn’t think of anything. But now I remember. I really can’t stand America’s liberal bloggers.
So begins Niall Ferguson’s point-by-point defense of his Newsweek cover story. 
3:26 PM, August 20th, 2012

How did this week’s Newsweek’s cover story come about? Executive Editor Justine Rosenthal explains.

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Santa Clara University ranked #2 is our list of Top 25 Most Beautiful Colleges. Did your school make the list? 

Photo Courtesy of Santa Clara University

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There were no mail boys at Newsweek, only mail girls. If you were a college graduate (like me) who had worked on your college newspaper (like me) and you were a girl (like me), they hired you as a mail girl. If you were a boy (unlike me) with exactly the same qualifications, they hired you as a reporter and sent you to a bureau somewhere in America. This was unjust but it was 1962, so it was the way things were.
Nora Ephron, I Remember Nothing (via newsweek)
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Frontpage: Tuesday, June 19th

1. U.N.: Justify Drone Use, U.S.: A United Nations investigator on Tuesday called on Washington to justify its policy of killing al Qaeda and Taliban suspects, rather than capturing them, at the risk of harming civilians.

2. Pakistan Court Bans P.M. From Office: Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Tuesday disqualified Prime Minister Raza Gilani from holding office, two months after finding him in contempt of court.

3. G20 Urges European Solution: More ominous news out of Europe. As the G20 summit started in Mexico, leaders expressed concern over the mushrooming debt crisis in Europe—while fears over Spain’s financial health grew after the news that the country’s borrowing costs soared.

4. UK Stops Russian Shipment: President Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin on Monday jointly called for peace in Syria, but Putin refused to support the U.S. efforts to persuade Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from power.

5. Microsoft Reveals ‘Surface’ Tablet: Microsoft is finally ready to take on the iPad. The company unveiled its new Surface tablet at an event in Los Angeles on Monday.

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Photo by Platon for Newsweek

At 76, he has aged with unholy grace: the mussed carrot-top, now the cloud tint of jiffy-bag innards, has scarcely thinned; the oblong face remains a mobile mask of amused perplexity; the wiry physique, thanks to daily exercise, still exudes the vigor of the athlete he once was—a skilled-enough boxer, in his teens, to have trained for the Golden Gloves competition. Read the full story here

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You use these things; they don’t use you. If you allow them to use you, you’re sunk. A library is no better than the person who walks into it. A CD-ROM is no better than the people who use it. A computer’s the same way. It’s all been done backwards. The shuttle should have been done 30 years ago. It’s mail-carrying. They’re making topographical photographs of the planet, making atmosphere studies. It doesn’t lift the heart the way landing on the moon did. We should have done the shuttle first and then taken off for the moon and stayed there. Then we should go to Mars. You have to do one to do the other, otherwise you can’t go.
Ray Bradbury, to Newsweek, November 12, 1995. Bradbury died today at 91. (via newsweek)
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Complementing Our Latest National High School Rankings Is This 60’s Gem 

Newsweek March 21, 1966

Love this cover (the first image). 

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Ah, our favorite nwktumblr feature is back: the also-rans! These are the alternate versions of our ’First Gay PresidentNewsweek cover that were left on the cutting room floor.

Which one’s your favorite? Your tumblrs are really digging Oliver Munday’s #2, but also like the simplicity #6 (the quote over white) brings to the table.

Kind of digging the quote on white too. 

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Check Out Our FAB Beatles Commemorative Issue

At A Newsstand Or iPad Near You

How do YOU pour champagne? 

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Here it is guys! This week’s cover: the Mad Men issue. 1960’s field trip! Look ahead to a fun week on our tumblr.

(Shout-out to tumblrs aliettegomez, tatavovo, marshaess, & kateoplis for guessing it from yesterday’s sneak peek.)

I kind of assume all you guys are following NWK Tumblr, but ICYMI we went all Mad Men this week. Be sure to pick up the issue in print (no link here)! 

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Coming Monday, Newsweek's Mad Men issue. What you're seeing above is our creative director's “mood board,” which we're hoping will send you back to the ’60s.

Coming Monday, Newsweek's Mad Men issue. What you're seeing above is our creative director's “mood board,” which we're hoping will send you back to the ’60s.

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